Come To The Caturday Old Chum

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Pretty Kitty, Keyboard Kitty, Vermont the Knitted Kitty by Cathy O., Bridget the Book Kitty by Emily F., Teddy Bear the Broom Kitty by PlanMan, Gillie the Suitcase Kitty by Photofarmer



  1. What amazing cat magic is this? *kerplunk*

  2. kibblenibble says:

    This captures so much of the love-abuhl magic of kittehs. Bravo, Pyrit!

  3. The first kitty even looks a little bit like Liza 🙂

  4. Bridget the book kitty says “Nyaang nyaang nyaang”

  5. Clairdelune says:

    Adorabuhl all!! Lonely kitteh no. 1 can come to my house any time he/she is lonely… *preparing comfy bed and toys to make stay permanent” 😀

  6. Clairdelune says:

    Or “nom nom nom”?

  7. Applause, applause, applause! (wait, I think I’m in the wrong musical!)

  8. Fantastic photos. Lovely way to end the day.

  9. It’s a specialized “nom nom nom.” :mrgreen:

  10. The sweatuh kills moi.

  11. Et moi .

  12. Need any help, Clairdelune? 😀 Kitty can come with me to Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada 😀

  13. thank you for showing us that Kander and Ebb would have done a better job with CATS: THE MUSICAL than Sir Lloyd-Weber! we all knew it, only you had the courage to say it 🙂