24 Hours O’ Cute: Show Us Your Buns

We’re gonna crank up the 24 Hours Of Cute Machine on Sunday, March 31st. (Easter in case you didn’t know- haven’t you see all those Cadbury displays?)

Send us your best Easter-themed photo or YouTube video link. (OK, not that one.)

Maybe the photo/video is of !!! OMG BUNS ‘N’ CHIX !!!! Any animuhl will be just fine! Send ‘er in from now thru March 29th! (It would be swell if you’d put EASTER in the subject line, just so we’ll know. Ya know?)

Then all day long on the 31st, just sit back, blast off with a sugar high from the Easter Egg basket candy, and check us out!




  1. I knew it! I knew Miffy is real!!!

  2. Chicks, man.

  3. I love the fluffly schnozzle and shiny beaksicles…

  4. Yep, he’s a real chick magnet!

  5. The only thing missing is the basket, folks.

  6. With buns like that…

  7. SlaveToCat says:

    I dissaprove of the 3/31 day of Buns posts for all the Buns who will not be able to dissaprove the posts on that day. Haarumphs while shaking cotton ball tail.

  8. This is so adorable.
    Well I’ve sent in pics of my bun before but I’ll try again.