Step Aside, Hoomin…

..and let the Big Dog Eat.

Benson The Mighty Bulldog (and his ‘tocks) c/o Shelby O. of Baltimore, Maryland.



  1. The back wrinkles and then the tocks! Ded! That is all.

  2. He looks like he wants help reaching the upper shelves. 🙂

  3. Coffee Cup says:

    Let’s not kid ourselves. He was just about to give the cat a boost to reach the lunch meat but the cat let the dog take the fall.

  4. 🙂 CC, it appears likely that
    you have been surrounded by cats, sometime in yer life!!!

  5. Follow-up Question, please?

    Is THIS Benson, related to Benson Hedges, Private Eye???

    *shifty eyes*

  6. …I aim to misbehave.

  7. No this isn’t Benson Hedges but a lot of people ask us that. Just Benson.

  8. “C’mon, kid, just a couple slices of that honey ham. Mom’ll never know.”

  9. Gimme food hooman!

  10. Either that dog is giantic or that is the narrowest fridge I’ve ever seen