Pocket Protectors

are not just for scientists and mathematicians, anymore.

They’ve gone to a whole ‘nother level.

Now you can feel secure knowing that your pockets are safe from roving marauders.

Sender inner sagresti says, “This is my 26 yr old son’s pride and joy hamster called Kitty. He loves her dearly, she enjoys riding in his pocket.”



  1. They are called pocket pets for a reason.

    If the son carries his cell phone in that same pocket, the photo suggests the following scenario: “What do you mean I called you? I didn’t call you. Oh, I know what happened. You must have been ‘butt dialed.’ No, not my butt. My hamster’s butt. Yes, I said hamster. Hello? Hello?”

  2. Wow. I never realized how much my pockets needed protecting until now.


  3. YourMother says:

    There are only two things that can happen when a hamster is in your pocket.
    1. It spins around, get’s comfy and goes to sleep.
    2. It spins around, freezes in place, pees your pocket, then wants out. 😛

  4. Kitty is a very lucky hammie to be so loved by her hooman. This guy could be a contender for the Men of CO calendar.

  5. I don’t know which makes me happier: the fact that the hammie is so happy to ride around in the pocket, or the fact that a 26 year old man named his hamster “Kitty”.

  6. I second!

  7. That man is 10 kinds of awesome for this.

  8. That’s one serious looking hammie.

  9. His mama must be so proud. She obviously did something very right to end up with such a gentle, loving young man.

  10. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  11. Amen! An awesome man.

    But does this mean I have to get another cat and name him Hammie? OK, will do!

  12. Look at that face! 😆 I think a call just came in to the man’s cell phone is in the same pocket as Kitty…and the phone is on vibrate!

  13. see also: two flannel shirts + beard

  14. katrinab73 says:

    i’m glad i wasn’t the only person in their 20s who loved a hammy so much 😀

  15. the rarely seen marmalade-on-plaid-on-plaid! love it, haha.

  16. I’mmmmm a lumberjack and I’m ok,
    I put my hammie in my pocket all day…

  17. fleurdamour says:

    Hipster Hamster also has facial hair!

  18. fleurdamour says:

    Just hope he doesn’t confuse his pocket hammie with his pocket HANKY.

  19. That is why, when carrying my rat, I would put a tissue in my pocket first with backup tissues in a different pocket. When the tissue got peed, we would negotiate pulling it out and replacing it with minimal disturbance to His Majesty. This system didn’t work so well when he rode in my sleeve. Fortunately rats have very small bladders.

  20. recipe for ticked-off pet

  21. Yes, he does look a bit surly, like he might start a bar fight or a granola bar fight or runny-wheel fight or whatever hamsters fight about.

  22. Kitty for America’s Next Top Model.

  23. emmberrann says:

    Hilarious! LMAO!

  24. 😯

  25. “oh, you want to see the wizard, eh?”

  26. rokstarbear200 says:

    I just hope he doesn’t suddenly need to relive himself… But ’till he does, this is darn ADORABLE!!

  27. I had hammies into my late 20’s (pet alternative due to my sibling’s allergy to cats & dogs). Then, after I got married and had my kids (who happen to also sadly be allergic to cats & dogs) well, we started getting hammies again and haven’t looked back since. Cinnamon has been our favorite so far as she would literally nap with daughter on the couch. She would also run across the floor and climb into her cage all by herself. She was incredible.

    Love this pic! Reminds me of my beloved “Budge” who would often ride around and sleep in my pocket for hours while I did my homework when I was a teenager. Hammies are the best! 😮