Hi And Welcome To Jurong Bird Park!

“Thanks for coming to Jurong Bird Park, I’m Ollie Ostrich and I’ll be your tour guide today. Before we get going, anyone have any questions? No? OK, well hope y’all brought plenty of sun block ‘cuz it’s a scorcher today, so let’s shove off! Everybody into the tram, keep hands and feet inside at all times!”

Cuteporter Antonette U. tells us, “I took this shot- wished it was my pet though. :)”



  1. i love his smile.

  2. Is that an egg in the background? 😀

  3. 260Oakley says:

    Ollie takes great pride in starting his tours promptly on the hour because everyone knows ostrich in time saves nine.

  4. Hey Claire, If that’s not an egg we need to call the Men In Black cause I think we’ve been invaded !

  5. I LOVE Jurong Bird Park!! One of SP’s best attractions.

  6. It’s rare to see someone who enjoys their job that much. 🙂

  7. How. Do. You. Do. That?!?!?! *stunned*

  8. Winningest post evar.

  9. This photo makes me feel happiness.

    It also reminds me of Jersey Shore, where Mr. Ostrich would be a good tramcar driver…

  10. Now I have seen it all – an ostrich loaf.

  11. He’d make a great couch potato. 🙂

  12. I was wondering if papa bird was sitting on an egg in that photo. Then I saw the egg in the back and I’m wondering if he’s the worst eggsitter ever.

  13. Coffee Cup says:

    No, no, ostriches are terrifying.

  14. why don’t i get eet? *concerned*

  15. Watch the tram car please!

    /Jersey native

  16. Such a lovely surprise to see Jurong Bird Park mentioned on CO! We seldom see anything from Singapore over here, so yay!!