There’s Something in the Air!

Spring, spring everywhere. And all the bunnies did bink. -Samuel “Bunnytailor” Coleridge

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”” -Robin Williams


Splendour in the grass! Squirrel in the flower! -William Pawsworth


Spring, Spring! Wherefore art thou, Spring? -Chill I. Am Shakespeare

Bumper crop of fresh cute brought to you by Eames the bunny by Nicole, Unnamed via Pixdaus, Lennaert Roumen/National Geographic and Redditor hwfudge.



  1. The sproinging lamb and the flower-sniffing squirrel almost make me forget that it’s about 15 degrees where I am, with a cold wind! (Shakes fist at Old Man Winter who has outstayed his welcome) Such sweet pictures, although puppeh in the snow looks a bit disapproving…I think I have the same expression, little guy!

  2. Connie Swail says:

    “Wherefore” means “why”, not “where”. 😡

  3. First day of spring my aunt Fanny! Did you see all that snow outside?

    That #@@&&**## groundhog better be looking for my shadow because I’m comming to get him!

  4. It’s flippin’ cold here! With icey sidewalks still from the flippin’ freezing rain we had two days ago… grumble whine moan…

  5. Once in the midst of an endless winter, I found in myself an invincible spring – Camoo, the bovine author/philosopher

  6. 260Oakley says:

    Beauty is cute, cute beauty — John “Bunny” Feets

  7. Some say the world will end in snorgles, I say it will end in ear noms. Some say the world will end in ear noms, Some say in snorgles. From what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with those who favor ear noms. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of cute, To say that for destruction snorgles are also great And would suffice. – Robirdie Frost

  8. whoops, excuse the contradictory AND repetitive first line *hangs head a la tom dooley*

  9. No need, tracylee, no need.

  10. I understand what a heavy ear nommage addiction can do to one’s ability to think rationally. You do quite well expressing yourself, all things considered.

  11. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Hehehe, there’s nothing quite like writing a clever effortpost, and then screwing it up. Been there; done that. :V

  12. “Shaun” the sheep? He’s “shorn” all right. LOL

  13. le sigh…

  14. Nothing says spring like sproingy lambs – nothing!

  15. I don’t know…. “Romeo, O Romeo, why are you?” sounds a little too existential for adolescents.

  16. Bunway Airlines introduces our new Spring Break Specials!

  17. 21st Century translation: “D*mn it, Romeo! _Why_ did you have to be Romeo _Montague_?!?!? Couldn’t you just move out and change your name – and I’ll quit being a Capulet, too!”

  18. Ah, reminds me of my Favorite C.O. post EVER!

  19. So, the pup is saying to the snow, “Spring, Spring! Why are you (snow), Spring?”

  20. Rainer Maria Skwerilke FTW!!!!!

    And — how did I miss Gilberteho’s tribute to Sullimeg?!?!?
    CO arbiters rock!

  21. 6rabbits says:

    One of my students asked me today, “What happens if the groundhog’s not right?”

  22. 6rabbits says:

    Thank you for sharing that! 🙂 That was before I found this site (also known as “BCO”–before cute overload!)

    Also–BUNNEH TOCKS!!!!!

  23. pupfanatic says:

    I wish I had some kind of literary brilliance to make you all feel inferior, but since I don’t I will just say this: it’s 75 degrees and sunny here in LA!

  24. And did you answer that you know an old French lady named Gigi who is going to makes slippers out of him? 😆

  25. giggles en francais…

  26. stands in Virtual Solidarity w/ ceejoe

    *pouts mightily, bottom lip out*

  27. 6rabbits says:

    err…noooooooo… But…hard to believe 10-yr-olds actually thought that the whole ground hog thing was REAL! 😯