MM-mm eee-eee-eee ow! ow! ow!

Aa-aa-nn-nn-dd-dd, noo-oo-oo ss-star-arch-ch-ch ii-ii-nn-nn mm-mm-yy-yy coll-oll-oll-ar-ar-ar, p-p-p-lea-ea-ea-s-s-se!

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It’s nice to be kneaded, Roman Positive



  1. I wonder how much they charge for the massage??

  2. Never had I thought that the excuse “Sorry, I have to go iron my cat” would be literal.

  3. I am not sure using an iron on a cat is a smart idea. Might give people or worse , little kids the wrong idea and I shudder to think what might happen . Please put a comment to that effect with this video . this is not at allo advisable and very dangerous

  4. oaklandcat says:

    kitty massage = awesome.
    kitty ironing = …. *head scratch*

    kitty clearly likes it, though.

  5. Cats are weird.

    The end.

  6. I’ve been known to iron myself… if I’ve been ironing clothes, I wait until the iron’s cooled down considerably, and then just iron my chest and stomach. It’s very nice!

  7. I would like it if that man gave me a massage *shifty eyes* I mean, he looks really good at it. What an amazingks tail that kitteh has. Awesome

  8. 260Oakley says:

    Go for it, BMC. If anyone asks where you’re going, tell them you have a pressing engagement.

  9. 😯 although… I have been known to place my hands flat on the cooled down top of the stove/oven… I imagine it’s much the same feeling…

  10. Somehow I think there should be a warning: Dont’ try this at home! Although this kitty wanted more!

  11. Madame X says:

    The fluffosity, peeps! The fluffosity of that magnificent tail!

    Also, the huff at the end at being so rudely dismissed does not bode well: masseur may well find a generous, and malodorous, “tip” “deposited” in his shoes…

  12. Because, you know, cats carry so much tension.

  13. Sheilagh says:

    Mine seem to carry mine, and help disperse it, which is rather a lot!

  14. wuyizidi says:

    Ruling a dominion as vast as theirs (the whole internet basically) must be quite exhausting.

  15. FTW!

  16. Yep, napping most of the day really makes them tense. 😀

    Great, yet another thing I need to do for my kittehs.
    Reminds me of this kind of disturbing video.
    Remember, “petting is passe”. Wha?

  17. Champer-Damper! How could we forget??? Trust me, I tried to bleach it from my mind…

  18. Hmm, I actually think this masseuse might want to sleep with one eye open after that massage. Kitty doesn’t look hurt, but he was clearly annoyed during good parts of that.

  19. Jeez, he’s a bit on the rough side…go easy dude…

  20. Agreed. I’m not sure why the cat put up with that treatment, but he didn’t look too happy about it. And the biting attempt in the first minute was a big clue.

    Fabulous tail, though! Absolutely beautiful!

  21. Talk about “tough love.”

  22. Cat of a Hot Tin Floof

  23. Wait, so when someone gives me the excuse, “Um, I’ve gotta go iron the cat”, they’re actually serious?!

  24. My late great Rosie The Cat (prettiest kitty ever invented; long-haired calico) loved this. We called it “slapping the cat silly.” As in, “You want me to slap you silly?” And she would go all elevator butt and wait for me to slap her side to side. As she got more and more ecstatic with the silly slapping, she got flatter and flatter, and farther and farther away, until she was just a puddle of purr just out of reach. Then she’d turn around and nip me on the hand, which meant, “Why did you stop? Get over here and keep slapping me silly!” Goofy girl. Never had to iron her, but she did enjoy a shower…

  25. I’d actually interpret the cat’s body language as her, ahem, enjoying it quite a lot. If you know what I mean. In any case, the cat was totally free to leave just about any time, but was instead just about pushed away in the end. Sure sign that she didn’t disagree with the treatment.

  26. Agree with mie.

  27. I bet you thought they were just giving you the brush-off, huh? 🙂

  28. I love that story so much! Rosie sounds like a trip and a half. 🙂

  29. Yeah, I file Kitty’s general reaction under, “Annoyed, but not enough to actually get up and leave, because that would require an effort and I’m a cat.”

  30. Reminds me of The Most Awful Family in Britain sketch.

  31. So that’s it. You have to iron your cat if he or she is too fluffy. And I always wondered why I never could get rid of my catfolks knots in their furs when I brushed them. Silly me. Now, what temperature do I have to use?

  32. Hello Katie says:

    That would be…purrrmanent press. 🙂


  34. @ Gigi: Really??? 😯

    Mischevious Troublemaker

  35. skippymom says:

    My cats deeply resemble that remark, Gigi.

  36. Well, the I’m going to bite you and the ears back during the bit were probably not so much signs of enjoyment. Hey, we pet owners all have fun sometimes annoying our pets a little bit – nothing wrong with that.

  37. Ow!

  38. Seems a little rough to me.

  39. Laura DragonWench says:

    This is so totally me with my big ball of black floof, Ramses. Without the ironing, though (just because I’m not quite sure where my iron is). He loves to be pounded on, slapped, roughed up, all that. And, yeah, it looks so heavy-handed and rough just like with the guy in the video, but I’d never do it if he didn’t love it. Mainly because he’d bite my hand off or run away. Thankfully, Ramses is just a big ol’ masochist and if I don’t beat him up, that’s when he bites me. 😀

  40. Set that iron to purrmanent press!

  41. fleurdamour says:

    “Like the touch of a fairy” – LOL!!!

  42. the more you know…..

    My guess is though that this started when Kitty noticed how nice and toasty that board was after his servant played with that triangle thing.

  43. 😆 I would just love to see a video of that of your dear sweet late kitty, Rosie, TinaK 😆

  44. I do a similar thing to our cats, Dooley and Badger, but NO IRON! More rub and scratch backs and heads of our two dear sweet kitties (my brother, Seann, his male friend, Charlie, and me) 😀

  45. uhmmmm….this was not cute. In fact, I hated it. Sorry……poor kitty.

  46. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    My friend had a cat, Smokey Joe who simply adored getting his sassy black butt smacked. Max, if the cat didn’t like it, trust me, he would have let his Holman know.

  47. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    My sister’s Sphynx loves being slapped on his ‘tocks. Really.

  48. rokstarbear200 says:

    Haha! I know, right?

  49. rokstarbear200 says:

    @ Gigi This one certainly is. Very cute, though.