I’m Havin’ A Ball!

You wanna have a ball with me?

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  1. It’s cute when you grab a ball that is almost bigger than your head.

  2. sabrina rose says:

    Such a cutie, and what a spunky little pup!

  3. That should be a Rule Of Cuteness. Rule #91: If the object you are carrying is bigger than your head, it’s cute.

  4. IMHO, I think in this instance it should be “wif”. “You wanna have a ball WIF me”. Any way you say it, that’s a cutie!

  5. i can see it now

    run run run sproing!
    run run run run sproing!
    run run run run ruuuuuuuehnnnn snap! runrunrurnrunrun!

  6. That was actually going through my head when I responded. 😉

  7. I think we’ve seen a run of malteses here lately… and I couldn’t be happier! Add them to my list of breeds I simply MUST have. 🙂