I Am Certifiable!


Gail N. tell us, “This is our Westie, Monty, (full name: Czarcrest’s Montrose O’the Sea – I am so 
not kidding about that) posing with his graduation certificate when he passed
 the Canine Good Citizen test. He is now a working therapy dog, brightening the 
lives of patients lucky enough to merit a visit! The secret of my success in getting a photo of him posing so perfectly:
 First, obedience training, second, a really fast shutter speed! I sure hope you post this picture. I can’t be the only one who thinks Monty
 is the cutest!” You are not alone, Gail.



  1. Well done, Monty. What a worthwhile thing to do.

  2. Monty is going to bring so much comfort and joy. With fur soft to the touch and just the right size for a good cuddle with people of all ages. I’ve saved this photo, just knowing Monty is in someones life today that really needed a smile and comfort brings me joy.
    God Bless all the Therapy Dogs. They are so needed and help so much. They are also great listeners. Often people who have yet to talk about thier feelings, thoughts will open up to these wonderful dogs.
    Well done Monty indeed!!! And heartfelt blessings to Gail N.

  3. Yay! Congrats, Monty!

  4. white floof, a therapy dogue AND a perfect “baroo” pose???
    Win-win- WIN !!!
    Now THAT’s what I call “The Full Monty” !!!


  5. Yay, Monty, not only for being incredibly adorable and for your achievement but the good work you will be doing! (throws confetti and kibble for Monty)

  6. Now that’s a diploma that’s means something!!!

  7. 260Oakley says:

    Yup, he’s a PhD: Perky Helpful Dog

  8. Brava alexa, well said.

    Happy graduation Monty! I hope you get lots of snacks and belleh rubs as gifts for your achievement. You and your human are the best!

  9. *golf clap*

  10. Monti finally got his GED?

  11. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    The posing head tilt is the best.

    My in-laws have a Westie & she is awesome. She’s the liveliest little hooligan ever. Loves to chase the baby geikos all around the yard down in Florida. Her ears go up & down just like radar.

  12. Monty is such an adorable little guy and I know he will brighten the lives of everyone he meets. There is nothing quite like “puppy love” to help heal what ails you.

  13. Oh crap, I used the P word and ended up in the Mod Lounge. Mmmm, those lemon bars look yummy.

  14. amyliz- oh no I forgot the confetti an doggie treats! 😦
    thank goodness you remembered. :)Whew

  15. I love Westies so much. They are truly the most awesome dogs.

  16. archiesmom says:

    All Czarcrest Westies are adorable! My lovely Lily (Czarcrest Lily Rowan) sends love and Westie kisses to Monty.

  17. Still in the Mod Lounge. All I said is that there’s nothing quite like “puppeh love” (with the P word spelled correctly) to help heal what ails you. 🙂