Buddy McBarkersons Gets His Yodel On

Buddy The Beagle has a few things to say as he suddenly notices his hoomin has returned from overseas military deployment.

Originally spotted by Mrs. Brinke on GodVine.com.



  1. Such a happy, wriggly goggie! And those bays of joy go straight to the heart… *quietly sniffles and discreetly looks for kleenex*

    Welcome back Buddy’s hoomin! Thank you for your service!

  2. Awww. I salute you both sirs.

  3. Snoopy dog is so excited he doesn’t know what to do with himself! I love it when he lets out the howls. 😀

  4. fleurdamour says:

    Yay! Reminds me of Pets for Vets:


  5. fleurdamour says:

    Sorry, that link is bad – just Google Pets for Vets.

  6. pupfanatic says:

    Double D’awww.

  7. *sneefle*

  8. when me and my family returned home from vacations my dog, that remained at home with a sitter, would be super excited but he would also be a little offended and mad at us and so he would owl and cry, but in a low tone, as we jumped at us, as if he was an old man mumbling “I’ll say, how could you?! did you know what it was like these two weeks without you?! and I bet you went to cool places, and that there were cats, sticks and butt sniffing and you didn’t take me with you…!”

  9. First of all that is so sweet!

    Second that’s the difference between cats and dogs. Dogs will be all excited that you’re back and cats will ignore you or at least pretend to.

  10. my dog chewie is the same way when I travel each month for work. for the first three minutes you can’t stop her tail. then she huffs off w/ all the attitude her sweet face can muster and ignores me for the rest of the night!

    but those three minutes of tail wagging and kisses and tocks-wriggling are worth it! 🙂

  11. I love that idea. I also want to share Dogs on Deployment http://dogsondeployment.org/ , a network of people who will board servicemember’s pets while they are deployed. Not all troops are fortunate enough to have someone to take care of them, and they are forced to give them up. I am retiring from the Air National Guard in December, and once I no longer have to leave town one weekend a month, I’m definitely signing up. We have four happy dogs who go bananas when their Air Force dad returns from deployment and their sheer glee is so awesome to watch. Every servicemember with a beloved pet should have that waiting for them.

  12. Yup. Really dusty in the office today. Snnffffff!

  13. Awesome video. Thank you for your service!!!

    I shall now go and tell coworkers my watering eyeballs are..allergies, yes, that’s it.

  14. Must politely beg to deefer – in my case, my cats excitedly greet me at the front door every day when I return home from work. It’s nice to be meesed.

  15. I have some that meet me at the door every day and some that just keep on napping. Moral of the story: every cat is different. 🙂

  16. That tail! I can’t handle the tail!

  17. Thanks for the link, freetomato! I just went on the site and registered too be a home for kittehs. It is not just for doggehs and you can specify what type of pet you can look after including special needs pets. This is FANTASTIC. I am sooo glad freetomato posted this link and that this organization exists to help our service men and women.

  18. wuyizidi says:

    I know it’s super sappy, but I will never get tired of these videos, this and adults who hear (with the aid of new technology) for the first time.

  19. Daddy’s home!!!!!

  20. He flaps that things any faster, he’s gonna take off

  21. darn allergies. seems like they kick in every time one of these homecoming videos comes on, eyes get watery and sniffles, too. like wyuizidi, i could i’m a total sap when it comes to military dogs and there masters/mistresses . . .

  22. It’s all of that darned pollen.

  23. I was worried he might break some of the cabinetry with that thing.

  24. I’m as big a sap as you will ever find. I adore seeing kids or dogs being surprised when mommy or daddy return from duty. It fills my heart with such gratitude and such joy – I could watch those vids all day long.

  25. sotadragon says:

    Right now I wish we had pollen here! I’m in Minnesota and I’m SOOO SICK OF SNOW & COLD! :-p

    Also, this video made me tear up. 🙂

  26. *singing*
    “Daddy’s home – to stay…..
    I’m not a thousand miles a-waaaaay!”

    There is NO love like beagle love. This is precious.

  27. Gonna agree with Iris here. 🙂 My kitty greets me at the door with mews and purrs every day when I come home from work. She just cannot wait until I sit down and she can get some proper pettins.