Firefox Is Down..Using Chrome

You might notice a certain resemblance between this kitteh and the Firefox logo. And you’d be right! Patricia M. says: “Barley is a Foxy Lady, but her sleeping schedule has driven me to use Chrome.”

PATRICIA UPDATE! “To celebrate being on CO, Barley learned how to climb onto our roof. From there she meowed her awesomeness (and fur-vent desire to get down). Then she found a stick and was able to scratch behind her ear, and all was well.”




  1. fleurdamour says:


  2. All cats are royalty, but marmies may be the most royal of them all. Thus spake I.

  3. WHOA. Good one. Whew.

  4. I love kitty cinnabons. That is all.

  5. You notice when cats look like food, too? My favorites are the meatloaf pose and the croissant.

  6. Chrome? He looks more like bronze to me.

  7. Christabel says:

    We usually call the meatloaf pose just “loaf” but now I will have to call it the meatloaf pose.

  8. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    That looks like the orange tabby I just got!

  9. tomboywishlist says:

    She’s a nice kitty, but grumpy before coffee and cinnibuns.

  10. AWW 😀 Congratulations on your orange tabby kitty, Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) 😀 I hope you have many long and happy years together 😀

  11. AWW 😀 I so want to snorgle and cuddle this kitty 😀