Yeah, We Don’t Want Any

Sell whatever you’re selling somewhere else, pal.

Via April Ziegler Photography.



  1. Reblogged this on cissyblue and commented:
    What a bunch of wild and crazy guys this is!!! Makes our household look a little more sane… but these are barn dogs, no doubt!!! 🙂

  2. But I want to take you all home with me!

  3. GAH! Look at how that bottom goggie is laying on his front legs. Oi! He looks sooooo uncomfortables. 😦

    Come here, goggie. I have a nice meaty bone for you. And a pillow. And a chew toy. And huggles.

  4. This pic is amazing. And I swear I can “see” the personality of each of these cuties in their eyes and “pose.”

  5. Come in…..if you dare!

  6. Of course they don’t want anything. Whatever they don’t have, can’t possibly matter. 😛

  7. PS “Nobody gets in to see the Wizard! No how, no way!”

  8. sabrina rose says:

    Yeah, I feel that way too! But that group probably won’t hold still for long, they’re going to start running around any minute, and maybe next time that pupper won’t let himself get caught on the bottom.

  9. helooo


  10. YAY

  11. Tough crowd!!!

  12. wuz once coming home to my parent’s place when I was a teen and saw two nicely-dressed people staring uncertainly down our long, heavily treed driveway. They moved on to the next place as I turned in to the drive, and I saw our 80 lb (very aggressive) Airedale terrier standing about half-way down, looking extremely fierce. I eventually figured out they were JW’s or equivalent whose faith wasn’t QUITE sufficient to stand up to a good dog protecting her people from anti-Bayesian nutjobs!

  13. Big Red there doesn’t look like he has much of a sense of humor. One of the corgis might just let you slip by, though.

  14. pupfanatic says:

    YES, I will marry ALL you cuties, why thank you for asking!

  15. Aww at the corgi layer in the middle there!

  16. They don’t look fierce to me, they look like they’re asking:
    Can we come out to play now?

  17. i love this photo too. here’s more info. it’s by April Ziegler near Philadelphia. “Two pembroke welsh corgis, a lab, and two german shepherds. On a beautiful farm with a barn and horses and a deck overlooking ten acres of land.” No wonder the dogs have that “who goes there” look 🙂

  18. Stressfactor says:

    Except, perhaps, treats. I’ve never known a dog to turn down a good biscuit or a meaty bone or a rawhide chewie or the like.

    I could see this group just kind of saying: “Put down the treats then back away…. slowly.”

  19. ScoutsMom says:

    Are those girl scout cookies made from real girl scouts?

  20. Katherine says:

    Move this one to a spot directly under “Hey We’re Here To Read The Meter.”

  21. Is it me or does any body see a poker table, some lit cigars, playing cards and some poker chips behind them?

  22. Killer Klown says:

    What do you mean ‘Have we found your lord and savior?’
    Do any of us _look_ like a Bloodhound to you?