People, Let’s Welcome Lentil To CO!

Little Dude’s proper name is Lentil (Cause he looks like a little bean) but Lenny works. He’s got his own blog and his own FB, too! Now, Len Man has had a tough go so far, born with a cleft palate. His new foster mom and the French Bulldog Rescue folks are helping him out. You can too, by visiting the site. GO LENNY GO.














Thanks go to Laura R.



  1. Cute! But is it just me, or is there something weird about his nose? Or is it b/c of the extreme closeups?

  2. I didn’t know doggles could have this issue. I sure hope he gets the surgery he needs…how awesome are people for caring for him instead of putting him to sleep? *squeeeeee*

  3. He looks like a bat that way. And that makes him even more awesome

  4. I’m toast.

  5. tommygirl says:

    Every puppy deserves to be loved ❤

  6. sabrina rose says:

    What a really special little puppy. Lookit all the pink on this guy – toesies, nosie, round little tum tum. Good luck to you little sweetie, we’re rooting for you!

  7. turtleturtle says:

    Can’t. deal. with. cuteness. I’m dying from it..

  8. The nose freckles! NOSE FRECKLES!

  9. Poor sweet baby, I hope they can have his cleft palate can be fixed soon.
    Kudos to the peeps who take care of him!

  10. concur with dis.

  11. *gits out the blackberry jam*

  12. (wakes up from ded for corrective duty)

    cleft palate, it sez in the text. tho i get why you couldn’t see the text.

    (goes cross-eyed and keels back over)

  13. I hope they don’t refrain from surgery because it’s ‘cute’ :-/ Health should be the most important issue.

  14. phred's mom says:

    Don’t forget the butter!

  15. (if surgery is possible in such a case, I have no idea)

  16. I’m so glad this little guy got a chance but is it just me or has his tail been docked? What’s with that? I have never met a bulldog puppy that young personally but I thought his little tail would be long like bulldogs are supposed to be……

  17. Lentil = possibly best pup name ever.

    *Joins heap of deds*

  18. [Hangs head] So sorry, I did not see that in the text. I hope ‘Lil Lentil continues to thrive.

  19. Kari Callin says:

    My twin sister and I were both born with bilateral cleft lips and palates. So hang in there little dude! Wonder if they are going to have it surgically corrected?

  20. The one with the wide-open mouf brings to mind a tiny roaring hippahonamus…

  21. I wouldn’t think that a cleft palate would bother a puppy but bulldogs have enough breathing/eating/etc problems as it is I guess.

  22. I didn’t know either that dogs could get this – kudos for the peeps helping him!

  23. I don’t see anything in the hovertext about cleft palate?

  24. It’s in the text at the very top of the post?

  25. leave it to a dog to make a harelip look adorable.

  26. Omg, the nose-tril dots! O_O *dead*

    I knew a rescue pup (jack russel x cavalier) with a fixed cleft palette, I would’ve never guessed if her owner hadn’t told me.

  27. yes, in the intro paragraph.

  28. As a person born with a cleft, I find harelip to be a really offensive term.

  29. Aww wow beautiful cute pictures x
    I love the ones of the two of them together and the one of him drowning in the big bed 🙂 sooo adorable !

  30. My though too!

  31. Are we sure he’s an actual pup and not really a Mexican jumping bean? So tineeeee!

  32. (revives)

    the one marked “close-ups”?

    (re-deds in concurrence)

  33. No cleft here, but seconded! It’s not a matter of being PC, it’s being humble and respectful of that which we cannot control.

  34. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    Reminds me of Lazarus, a Russian Blue kitten with the same condition. His human says she has no intention of correcting it for cosmetic reasons, as he is thriving. He also has a FB page (Care for Lazarus), chock full of adorable photos.

  35. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    Marmalade for me!

  36. Lentil, cleft palate or no cleft palate, you are to die-to-for adorable! I hope, of course, that the condition can be corrected if that is what’s best to for you to have a happy and healthy life! Go, little guy, go!

  37. French bulldogs are born without tails. At most, some have little nubbins. And now you have an excuse to google Frenchie tocks!

  38. Cleft palates in puppies mean they can’t clamp on to suckle.

  39. Awesome pupperson with roundular belleh! I want to pop him into my purse and take him home.

    Lentil rules!
    And his foster humans also RULE!!! ❤ ❤

  40. I think they are looking towards corrective surgery for him because his breed already has aspiration/breathing issues as it is, so it’s a huge risk for him. But he needs to grow a lot first.

  41. luvstehQte says:

    As with humans, depending on the size and location of the cleft, there can be feeding problems in the case of a cleft palate. Often, milk will come out of the nose instead of going down the throat (and into the stomach) during feeding, due to insufficient air pressure in the mouth. A cleft lip is a more cosmetic problem, but it can also affect speech sound production, depending on the type & size. Of course, it probably doesn’t affect barking, although some dogs do have a degree of lip rounding during howling. 🙂

    *removes nerdy speech pathologist glasses*

  42. actually, I didn’t know that was offensive…. but now I do, so I appreciate the lesson,

  43. I don’t care about his bark but his feeding would be a concern. thanks for that.

  44. Thanks so much for the info about the problems. I wasn’t sure on him. It does look like he could really struggle without treatment, but what an adorable baby!

  45. lenti, ya drives
    me so mental wif da kyootness
    almost pooted in library

  46. sorry, i meant “lentil (oy) & I wanted to abbreviate da woid as “kyoot” & spell tha woid for the place wif alls da books as “liberry”. could not make cursor/backspace work. Sigh. post edit of an unofficial haiku

  47. We are working with the best possible surgeons to get his condition corrected. Right now he is too young for surgery, so we are taking it day by day. You can read more about his condition/the care that he is receiving on his blog

  48. at the moment he is too young and weak to survive the surgery, that is why we are building his strength up