If I Didn’t Live in Water

you’d be able to see my tears.

Via Reddit



  1. Such a cute little goldfish!!!!

  2. Tears of a clown… fish. 😦

  3. mindadale says:

    Is he sick? That’s a pretty raggedy tail for a fishy. 😦

  4. He does look so sad. Does he need one of those little gold fish lifts?

  5. Don’t be sad, little guy/girl. *hugs*

  6. you can almost see his lower lip trembling!

  7. Kari Callin says:

    Holy COW! That is a HUGE FREAKIN’ CAT!

  8. suprised fish is naked!

  9. Makes you want to hug him.

  10. You’re just lucky little dish that I’m not 3 years old anymore, because you would be more than just sad. See I used to take the fishes out of the aquarium to pet them because I thought they were lonely in there.

  11. Oh man I’m so glad I wasn’t the only 3 year old fishie assassin who did this!

  12. All it needs is a wobbly lower lip…

  13. For info, he is called a Celestial Goldfish. (Because he looks to the stars… always.)