Fill ‘Er Up!

Little Hamster Critter AKA Mr. HamHam McPouchersons is NOT going to be denied. Why does he remind me of the guy in Chicago playing trombone? (Make sure the speaks are up for the KRONCHING.)

Spotted on DP&F.



  1. (O_o)

    Did anyone else think of those old school cartoons where said animal might swallow an anvil or some object, and they would take on the shape of that object?!?

  2. 😯

  3. rescue gal says:

    Ow- that actually looks painful. Little bites, dude. Little bites!

  4. diane in los angeles says:

    He’s practicing his sword-swallowing

  5. marthava says:

    Looks like he sort of gags a little sometimes. Reminds me of how mad my mom used to get at the dinner table when I HAD to eat asparagus when I was a kid, and it would make me gag. Looong time ago, and I still can’t look an asparagus stalk in the eye. lol

  6. Not at the time, but I’m remembering now.Thanks for the fun memory.

  7. animallover says:


  8. After getting it all in he sniffs around for more! Haw!

  9. Those pouches go all the way down(at least on one side).

  10. Joy Raskin says:

    I used to have a peach-colored hamster that delighted in stuffing his cheeks. He once stuffed so much seeds in his cheeks that he looked like a rectangular block and was so proud of it, the way he was strutting to me while my mom was laughing her head off. Peaches was fine once he disgourged his seeds.

  11. That was my favorite part! Like, “I still gots some room in heeyah.”

  12. Smart little guy, I was worried he was going to rip his cheek pouch and then he broke it off and pulled the rest out, whew.

  13. Humans, do not try this with Taco Bell dorito tacos. It does not work.