Behold Silvey The Mighty Hunter

Silvey rules. Well, all her friends rule too.




Anry, Anry, Anry rides again.

[Yes, we know the Silvey link goes to Saya’s FB- that’s how Anry wanted it. -Ed]



  1. hmmmmm…. so, acc. to Brinke’s story, Silvey’s form of government is an oligarchy???

    That didn’t work out too well for the Russians, you know …

  2. Well maybe, but they weren’t teeny poodles, were they? Any form of dictatorship is ok when the dictators are teeny tiny poodles.

  3. Anry is anerable!
    So much peenk tongue…am DED.

  4. woops, meant Silvey is anerable.
    I will now go and consume caffeine…..

  5. Wafflecat says:

    WHERE is the glorious tonguehance?! Ack!

  6. That’s some prehensile tongue!

  7. See, if I had a sweet little face like that looking at me I’d find it hard to ever leave to go to work! Or anywhere else without her!

  8. Tiny oodly poodles as dictators? Yeah, I could live with that. 🙂