Lona, Duck of Dexterity!

After CO introduced Lona to the world, sender-inner Nicole C.  followed up by sharing a new photo to let everyone know, “This is what Lona looked like the very next day! ;-)”

Lona at the The Dingle Wildlife & Seal Sanctuary.



  1. The Incredible Growing Duck!

  2. What a sweet little ducky!

  3. LOOKIT the little webby footsy! and mini winglet!

  4. bluebird says:

    Gracious, what a change!

  5. mindadale says:

    Yup..much cuter without the being-born-related mess (just like human be-behs). *nods approvingly*

  6. No way! Man, what a remarkable change. Simply adorbs!

  7. warrior rabbit says:

    What a difference a day makes… 24 little hours…

  8. Fluffed out nicely!

  9. skippymom says:

    I’ve been giving serious thought to getting chickens, but maybe I really want ducks….

  10. Downy perfecshons.

  11. I got some geese I could send your way. Lots and lots and lots of geese. Canada geese.

  12. Oh, please get chickens!!! I would sooooo have chickens if I didn’t live in the city. In a condo. With no outdoor space. 🙂

    But ducks would be nice too.

  13. Ducks are friendlier.

  14. what a cutie!!!

  15. Lona, duck of Dewxterity, meet Calvin, Boy of Destiny…

  16. skippymom says:

    I have a big fenced in back yard that would be perfect, and a friend who has chickens keeps showing me plans for building a chicken house. I may not have time at this point to do it this spring, but I think it’s in my future.

  17. skippymom says:

    Ha, ha.

  18. Cute duck ..

  19. well! she fluffed up quite nicely!!

  20. Que Bella !!!

    (Please exqse if I didn’t spell l’iyaliano correctemente….)

  21. I want to kiss her on her fluffy leetle haid.

  22. theoriginalmel says:

    Despite the disapproval I see in her duck countenance.

  23. Wouldn’t that be Lona of Duxterity?

  24. mindadale says:

    Someday I want chickens (I’ve already decided on the Dorking breed!) and one duck. I want a big, fat white duck and I will call him Acorn.

  25. Oh so fuzzy!!

  26. skippymom says:

    She does seem to have a fierce glare going on there, doesn’t she?

  27. skippymom says:

    I just looked at some pictures of Dorkings–they’re gorgeous, but I’m curious what else made you settle on them.
    My chicken-raising friend tells me to start with a couple of Bantams.

  28. Happy day 1 birfday!

  29. Why do we call them ‘Canadian geese’? All the geese by me were born HERE.

  30. Glowing duck! 😀

  31. emmberrann says:

    Psst, *whispering to FB*, it’s “che bella”.

  32. DORKINGS! I always loved that name. It’s a lovely little town in Surrey (UK), where I once stayed when I was over there. When I would come in on the train, I would think, “DORKING, where the dorks come from.” 😛 And Dorking hens, of course. 😛

  33. emmberrann says:

    About as fierce as a one-day-old ducklette can be!!

  34. Ducksterity!

  35. *points thumb back at emberrann*

    “Wot SHE sed.” 🙂

  36. Look how fast she lost her shell tooth.

  37. also — the human being has a nice manicure goin’ on. AND THEY’re HER OWN nails.

    (least they look to be …)

  38. I clobbered one once wit’ my big ol’ vehicle 😦
    still feel bad about it, but it was completely unavoidable in this particular situation… now my family y close amigos pick on me for it 😦

  39. pupfanatic says:

    At first glance (sans my glasses) I thought ducklets foot was a potato chip.

  40. If it LOOKS like a ducky …..

  41. Little Lona has a bit of mohawk goin’ on…normally I don’t care for mohawks but on her it’s cute!

  42. Get chickens, Skippymom, not ducks. Ducks are terribly messy.

  43. TOTAL floofiness.

  44. mindadale says:

    Well, that awesome name didn’t hurt. 😉
    But, I like that they are good for both eggs and meat (they have “average” broodiness so you will have times that they want to keep their eggs to have babies and sometimes they’ll be cool with letting take the eggs for breakfast!)
    They supposedly have a good, pet-like personality, which is preferable to some of the crankier varieties.
    But, mostly, they are a historic breed that (since it went out of favor with commerical farmers) are only still around because of backyard coops, for the most part.

  45. mindadale says: