Silent Seal Cinema

And now, let’s return to those days of yesteryear, as we enjoy comedian Sammy Seal in the classic one-reel comedy Sammy’s Surfboard Sorrows, featuring an early walk-on appearance by up and coming seagull star Gertrude Heathcliff.

Captured on hidden camera by Washington state resident Ethan Janson and shared on the B-Town Blog.



  1. Look at their form! The Original Pilates Masters. They must have amazing cores!

  2. For the love of all that is good n’ plenty, somebody put some velcro on that board!

  3. possibly an “eeeenh” moment, or several of them.
    The one already onboard looks so relaxed and la-di-da, no wonder the rest want on…

  4. Sharon Wilson says:

    (Say in Mike Wazowski voice): “Could we put a little more wax on the surfboard, please?”

  5. rescue gal says:

    Wait- is this a CO repeat?

  6. 260Oakley says:

    Here we see why seals are not welcome on commercial flights: it takes them forever to board.

  7. 48 sec. in, me out loud- “Oh Nnooooooo!!” poor little spotty baby.
    Watched to the end, it just HAD to have a happy ending, and he looks so pleased when he makes it! I’m pleased too. For most of the video I thought the 2 lumps hanging out on the end were birds.

  8. It was a threadjack to one of the posts a day or two ago. I’m so glad it has made to a regular entry! 🙂

  9. *snerk*

  10. Alice Shortcake says:

    I was secretly hoping that Little Grey Seal would have his revenge on Little Black Seal by shoving him off the board…

  11. I think that’s more like LOTS and LOTS of ENH moments 🙂

  12. Oh for the love of sardines – someone help the poor seal pups up! I love how they all maintain perfect planking form once on to stay on.

  13. I’m tried just watching him!

  14. rescue gal says:

    Thank you. CO turns my brain to mush and it commonly stays that way. 😀

  15. The little seal that could.

  16. 3:14–“Okay, now, nobody move, nobodymovenobodymove!”

  17. (Blushing furiously) You liked it you really really liked it ! (huge silly grin)

  18. the dudes at the end are all ‘dang y’all! don’t tip the boat! ‘

  19. Stephanie says:

    If at first you don’t succeed…

  20. In my head I kept hearing Winston Churchill saying,”“NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!”

  21. I just saw Mrs.Miniver tho, just sayin.

  22. Either that or a ladder.

  23. Red Skelton did not live in vain…

  24. Wow! I’m really surprised there aren’t a lot more comments on here. This is like the cutest video I have seen in the longest time. I could watch them struggle on that thing for hours. Lol I just love how satisfied they look once they get on there. Super cute!

  25. Planking on a surfboard. Now there´s something I haven´t tried yet….

  26. katiewritesagain says:

    By the way, Red Skelton’s seagull bit was about 2 birds, Gertrude and Heathcliff. Just so the youngsters know.