Boone is a Boon!

His looks, his antics and his hilarious hover texts will make your day!

Courtney R., we should all be so lucky!



  1. Someone is in for a serious licking here.

  2. flappy ears!
    Courtney R., how in the world do you ever get anything done with those nommable earsies RIGHT THERE?!

  3. What a silly, adorable, smoochable little guy!! He looks so pleased with himself over that giant stick in his mouf.

    The “I’ll never do it again” pic has hereby rendered me ded.

  4. skippymom says:

    Excellent use of modesty tail in picture 4.

  5. He looks like the canine version of Andy from Parks & Recreation.

  6. Sweet McDoggersons! What soulful eyes! I hope he doesn’t try to walk through a gate with that stick.

  7. Coffee Cup says:

    OMG, you’re right. He’s Andy! And the dog looks a little like Champion, too, but you know, with four whole legs.

  8. Better on the deck than on the couch. 😛

    Doesn’t he look like he should meet Rupert?

  9. PS: Frito Feets!

  10. Love that second pic! He looks so happy with that giant stick!

  11. I think they should go on adventures together!

  12. boop!

    (someone had to)

  13. Yes, and they should take me along on those adventures!

  14. Was just gonna say… The most boopable nose around!

  15. What a smiley baby.

  16. ThirdShift says:

    Pix #4 is so absurdly funny! Also, BOOP! Have you ever blown into the nostril of a pup? They seriously hate it! 🙂

  17. kibblenibble says:

    I looooff heeeeem! 🙂

  18. Same here! Boone is sweet, adorable, and goofy!

  19. LOVE pic 4! lolz

  20. puppyluv says:

    Loving the stick!
    Anyone know what kind of puppy Boone is?!

  21. The EARS!!

  22. My first thought was “Privacy Tail, FTW!” 🙂