Q: What’s Better Than Snoozing In The Sun?

A: Nothing.



Heather L. zipped these over to us with the PS: “These are my two dogs: our feisty little doxie, Tolstoy, and our adopted ex-racing greyhound, Lewis. They don’t let their completely different body types get in the way of a good snuggle.”



  1. What a beautiful friendship! I can’t wait to see the comment from Tracylee 🙂

  2. emmberrann says:

    Nothing beats a sunbeam snooze except sharing it with a BFF. *sigh. Missing my Picky-cat*

  3. Move over you, too…it’s cold and windy here and I could use a snuggle with a couple of cute, warm doggies! (Looks over shoulder for her disapproving cats)

  4. This warms my heart on an otherwise (emotionally) gray and dismal day. Thank you, CO.

    Please stand by with the defibrithingie. Tracylee may need to be resuscitated. 🙂

  5. Kudos to Heather and Tolstoy who made room in their home and in their hearts for and ex-racing greyhound.

  6. Gibson Girl says:

    Gah, you guys are conspiring to make me miss my own doxie puplette! I’m just out of town for a weeklong business trip, but I’m already missing Yoshi. I can only hope that he’s reenacting this scene with my brother’s whippet ( and Yoshi’s Best Doggy Friend)

  7. Coffee Cup says:

    What an adorable duo. I wanted a doxie sooooo badly but I’ve read they can be very aggressive toward rabbits. I want a dog in general but I am concerned about the bunny’s safety, even if I found one that was gentle and not aggressive.

  8. GAH! I meant, of course, “you two” not “you, too”! Please, Grammar Nazis, don’t come after me and beat with with unabridged dictionaries…those things are heavy!
    Humilitated and Disgraced

  9. ThirdShift says:

    {{{HUGS}}} for the greyhound! Love the wienerdog too but there’s nothing like a greyhound sleeping in the sun. They are warm and when you come over to pet them they roach and turn up belly for rubs. His marking looks just like my Willoughby, right ear and right flank.

  10. Yaaaayyyy for greyhound/sausagedog friendship!

    warm greyhounds are happy greyhounds 🙂

  11. You’re being two, to, too,hard on yourself. 🙂

  12. Lou Tolstoy, so close to a match! Would Lewis mind if I call him Leo to sate my strange mind?

  13. Awww pickie two… Is this love? I think so!

  14. PandaGrrl says:

    Clearly the correct answer is “snoozing in the sun with a friend!”

  15. Aww pupperonis in a sunbeam. Makes me want more sunbeams and spring right now.

  16. HAW

  17. Hey Tracyleee, how’s La Schnozz?

  18. Mary (the first) says:

    Exactly my thought, too! “What’s better than snoozing in the sun?? Snoozing in the sun with your best buddy, that’s what!”

  19. ornery as ever! took her for a ‘senior dog’ checkup at el vet, and she got a very clean bill of health!

    not to brag (okay, I will a little) he said “whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!”
    yayyy my girl’s gonna be around for a long time 🙂

  20. Yaaaay greyhounds!

  21. Not only snoozing in the sun, but, snoozing in the sun with a buddy, AND, on a dog bed with fire hydrants on it!!! Now that’s supreme! Triple win.