It’s a G-g-g-ghost!

In what could have been a scene from a scary movie, this kitten’s sixth sense saw signs of paranormal activity, triggering a basic instinct to attack the poltergeist with its jaws. Wait until you see what lies beneath — you’ll scream just like the others!

PS: In honor of the surprise ending, I’ve hidden the titles of twelve horror or suspense movies in this post (OK, one’s a comedy). Can you find them all? (answers in comments below)


  1. Mary (the first) says:

    Thank goodness! I was afraid it was the evil Toe Monster!

  2. Me too! Surprise ending for sure…was CERTAIN it was a hooman playin’ footsie ^_^

  3. Yeah, my cat gets after my feet like that.

  4. Ahh, I see you have been engaged in a deadly game of cat and also-cat!

  5. HAW

  6. “Hi. I”m Larry. This is my brother Darryl; and this is my Other Brother Darryl.” :)

  7. TUM? :D


  9. Thank you, thank you. The proprieties, at all times. :D

  10. “dignity. ALWAYS ‘dignity’!!!”

  11. And culture. So says Sam the Eagle.


    It’s all fun and games, people and cats, until TineeTabbee™ grows into a 20-lb. bruiser, and STILL DOES THE SAME THING. *ouch, cut it OUT, Dante!*

  13. Blue Footed Booby says:

    The land-manatee I live with is like a scrotum-seeking missile. I de-cat my room before I go to bed every night and then close the door, but sometimes she’ll hide somewhere, and then come out after the lights go out. Every time this happens she leaps up onto my bed and plants her front paws into my nards. She doesn’t attack toes, but honestly I think that would be an improvement.

  14. 6rabbits says:

    “Land-manatee” Bwwaaa haaa ha haaaa :lol:

  15. 8O All I can about that is that you must say “YE-OW-OW-OW!” every time, Blue Footed Booby 8O

  16. Possibly not just your feets that are blue, either.

    *shifty eyes*

  17. Blue Footed Booby says:

    This made me snortlaugh. :D

  18. HAW

  19. 8-O

  20. Playing in a bed near you this summer: Cat Wars Episode 1: Attack of the Clone.

  21. Speaking of movie titles… (he said innocently, while surreptitiously pointing at the URL of this post)

  22. Okay so far I found nine.

  23. Hint: Make sure you include the post title. :)

  24. I am still missing one of them. I like that they are all scary movies too.

  25. Found ’em! And I don’t even like movies! :D

  26. Thank you! I was up to 11 until you mentioned the post title! :)

  27. Got all twelve too. I had eleven right away and figured out number twelve after the hint.

  28. Okay I take that back I found eleven.

  29. Okay I found them all I had not seen that last one so didnt recognize the title right off. I am completely impressed NTMTOM

  30. I feel like there’s actually 13 and I”m missing the incidental one.

  31. ooooooh Mike your note at 11:39 above,
    is SO SURREPTITOUS (?sp?) I ALMOST didn’t SEE it at ALL!!!!

    *makes spooky wispy ghosty sounds*


  32. Got twelve, got twelve! Muahhhaaaahaaa! :mrgreen:

  33. I found them all and I’ve seen them all except number 4.

  34. Is that a Bengal?

  35. Don’t think so– their bodies and faces are too rounded. And look at the fat tail! I suspect they are Maru-like kitties– nonfolded Scottish folds.

  36. And how beautiful are they both?! What exquisite, insanely gorgeous and symmetrical markings on the little one! I’m breathless! :)

  37. For Tum:


  38. AAAAAHHHH!!!

  39. Heee!

  40. yeeeeeee HAW

  41. skippymom says:

    That is the scariest surprise ending I have ever seen.

  42. Next time the other kitty needs to remember to cut some eye holes in the sheet!

  43. He doesn’t want to be mistaken for a Ku Klux Kat.

  44. 8O

  45. 11… *tapping fingers*

  46. Found 11 on my own. Found the 12th with a hint from here.

  47. ANSWERS TO CHALLENGE (Don’t read this if you still want to guess!):

    sɹǝɥʇo ǝɥʇ ‘ɯɐǝɹɔs ‘ɥʇɐǝuǝq sǝıן ʇɐɥʍ ‘sʍɐJ ‘ʇsıǝbɹǝʇןod ˙ʇɔuıʇsuı ɔısɐq ‘ʎʇıʌıʇɔɐ ןɐɯɹouɐɹɐd ‘subıs ‘ʍɐs ‘ǝsuǝs ɥʇxıs (ǝɥʇ) ‘ǝıʌoɯ ʎɹɐɔs ‘ʇsoɥb

  48. Well done – masterfully hiding all those titles in there. My inner puzzle monster salutes you!!

  49. Björn Giesler says:

    …also “It” :-) So it’s actually 13…

  50. Clevair!!!

  51. Knew there was another in there somewhere!!

  52. wuyizidi says:

    What about Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace?

  53. Ghost, Scary Movie, Sixth Sense, Saw, Signs, Paranormal Activity, Basic Instinct, Poltergeist, Jaws, What Lies Beneath, Scream, The Others. (And I swear I didn’t peak!)

  54. Alverant says:

    Which one was the comedy? Those were all horror movies.

  55. Laura DragonWench says:

    Scary Movie. It was the comedy that tried to parody Scream and other horror movies of the time (many of which are the titles hidden in this post).

  56. Good lord, peek, not peak.

  57. I was so busy counting movie titles I almost forgot to watch the video. I got all but one (the serrated-edge tool).

  58. Mary (the first) says:

    I don’t watch anything scarier than the kitteh wars shown here, so I missed the whole concept of the movie titles. But, I am impressed with NTMTOM’s ability to turn his lettering upside down! yikes..

  59. PS: j’aime la musique, ici!!

  60. wendy snow-lang says:

    Don’t forget The Other, a Thomas Tryon novel made into a 70’s film. Very scary!

  61. wendy snow-lang says:

    That’s number 14!

  62. :lol: Typical kitty fun :lol:

  63. The trick ending had me in stitches! ;)

  64. this is just like our cat saffi, except she does it with toes under the bed covers lol


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