Mom Taxi VII: Floatin’-N-Squeakin’

This Little Dude is getting a ride on Mom’s belly, SQUEAKING for all to hear. Speakers UP!

Sent in by Mike D. of Sacramento.



  1. Awww. Precious little bebbeh with his squeaks and his needs.

  2. EEEEEEEP! BEEEEP! EEEEEEP! Hehehehehe so cute!

  3. hey cool thanks.

  4. “MOOOOM!! It’s COLD out here! Do you not feel that WIND?”

  5. “Maaaahhhhhm, people are watching!!!!!”

  6. Did anyone else hear mom say “Oh pipe down, Oscar! It’s just a bath!”

  7. emmberrann says:


  8. Chihgirl says:

    So beautiful…these special animals live in a very small area of the California coastline, and are increasingly endangered and their numbers are diminishing…such beautiful animals…

  9. kibblenibble says:


  10. fallengirl says:

    I don’t think he was crying. I think he was trying to sing “The One Bathing Suit that Grandma Otter Wore.”

  11. The Original Jane says:

    If they guaranteed you’d see this on every whale watching tour, I would have gone on one last year in Monterey and braved my seasickness. LOVE me some otters!

  12. Just like a baby human getting mom’s spitbath. Oh mom, grooooosss, stop it!

  13. Gaaaaaaaaaaah ! Thud !

  14. COVERED in cowlicks going every which way 😀

  15. Complaining baby is precious.

  16. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Baby sea otters are basically balls of fluff with noses. They’re ridiculous.

  17. Katherine says:

    Yeah, that’s how I would react to MY mom’s spitbaffs too! “AAAAAIIIYYEE!”

  18. Katherine says:


  19. emmberrann says:

    Yes, but we loves Dem anywayz.

  20. Mommies and their babies. Thank goodness some things never change.

  21. Just when you think you’ve seen it all . . . .

  22. Gads, I thought I was the only that remembered that special!


  24. the worst was that ear worm, “Barbecue”

  25. januaryfarmer says:

    That really woke my three cats up….thank you.

  26. oh good lord you are keeeling me CO!! the squeeak! the sqqqueeek! the fuzziness!!