♬ We’re Gonna Croc Croc Croc ‘Til Broad Daylight…♫

The Three Tenors led by Luciano Croc-a-rotti practice their theme song.

[I thought it was about -these- Crocs. D’oh! -Ed]

Spotted on The Guardian. Image by Jay Town/Newspix/Rex Features.



  1. bob drummond says:

    knowing the reputation that crocs have , i wouldn’t exactly say these guys R cute , but the picture is snapped at just the right moment !!! 🙂 So lets enjoy this rare moment with some unusual critters !!!

  2. Those teeth look pretty amazing. 😯

  3. So, then, these are presumably Italian crocodiles????

  4. The Three Crocs just saying hello…

  5. Fearsomely cute.

  6. amazing pic mannnnnnnn

  7. emmmjama says:

    Did anyone else count the fingers on the holding hand?

  8. Jose Croc-eras is looking soulful

  9. bwahahaha!

  10. If you ever hear a nest of baby gators, they’re really supersonic sopranos. They make the most unearthly squeals.

  11. These really shouldn’t be cute, but they are.