Totoro Is Real!

I knew it!

Peter G. made this picture and Hayao Miyazaki made the movie, Totoro.


  1. This little guy is matchingks with the snuggly treee-knot owl from an earlier post!

  2. humminbirdie says:

    indeed! perhaps they are communing across the continents, in their inimitable owlish way…

  3. What is it?

  4. Probably an Eastern Screech Owl. Either that or a small totoro.

  5. Yes! What is it?

  6. His owl-cave even has notches that match the shape of his ear-tufts!

  7. humminbirdie says:

    and the cave door is heart-shaped… like the tree loves hosting owlies!

  8. Had to look up what a Totoro was and out of the context of the movie, I must say It looks a bit creepy to me.
    I much prefer the real owl in his tree than that cartoon whatever it is.

  9. *cries and loses faith in all humanity*

  10. Clearly you need to watch the movie!

  11. errrr…. totoro is so cute it’s a guaranteed overload! It’s even my chrome skin!

  12. sotadragon says:

    How is there no hovertext??? :-(

    Also, very cute widdle owlio! :-D

  13. hi guys, i’m the photographer – i love seeing my pictures on cute overload. this owl lives a few trees away from the owl in the previous post – they are both eastern screech owls – this one is grey phase and the other is rufous phase. if they mate we’ll see some brown phase owlets in the spring :)

  14. I may or may not have uttered the most girlish shriek

  15. I thought I heard something.


  17. Totoro should be listed as “must-watch” movie for the CO crowd.

  18. jlamusings says:

    Definitely! And not scary at all, Gigi! Promise! My niece & nephew loved it when they were little. They used to tell me they wanted to play Totoro by jumping on my tummy & having me carry them around. I usually told them I wasn’t a big enough Totoro to do that and would sent them to tackle my bro instead. ;-)

  19. toborzgrrl says:

    “Totoro” is worth watching for the Cat-bus alone!

  20. Caroline says:

    …and both (owl and Totoro) have been said to be an omen of death. Very cute death omens, though! ^_~

  21. pupfanatic says:

    Is that an obese owl?*(^&*&#@????

  22. One Skunk Todd says:


  23. What IS that?!
    An owl? A bat? Or what?
    Terri from Indy


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