Animal Reflections: 2 of 3

The more time you spend with your relatives, the more you catch yourself mirroring their behavior. It’s kinda neat until you realize you’ve picked up Uncle Joe’s annoying habit of licking himself at the dinner table.

Jax and Piper are presented to us by Ashley Jordan, who says, “These are my parents’ [Paul and Judy] Goldens. They are half-brother and sister. They did this on their own and without being posed.”



  1. Goldens want only to please. I’m sure they realized this would make for a great photo op. 🙂

  2. Coffee Cup says:

    This needs a “matchingks” tag.

  3. Wonder Twin powers, activate!

  4. 260Oakley says:

    On Golden Pawed

  5. Doggy fist bump!

  6. Dog on the right probably thinks he looks so much better than his sister on the left.

  7. Puppeh Power! Flash of light and Ta dahhh the doggles reappear in super dog costumes.

  8. Madame X says:

    YES! Matchingks!

  9. emmberrann says:

    You mean they aren’t wearing them?

  10. Glad I’m not the only one that thought that.

  11. 1: the doggehs get the Blue Ribbons for Community Minded Activism
    2: LOVED this:
    ” …picked up Uncle Joe’s annoying habit of licking himself at the dinner table…”
    (CP has evidently been hangin’ around in or near Mike’s brain lately 🙂 )

    and finally
    3: the doggehs are Cute and Fuzzy. So there is *THAT* !!!

  12. erm so would that come out as a Paw Bump??? or a butt-sniff???

  13. Precisely !!!!

    all the pic “lacks” are THA LOONS HENRY

    (watch the film if that didn’t seem to make sense, the first time ’round!!!)

  14. I think I can hear the “ping!” that sounded when they touched toes.

  15. My first reaction was “Shape of an obscure ice fixture that will melt in 30 seconds!!”

  16. pupfanatic says:

    They’re not posed, you say?
    Got a bridge to sell me?

    But, they are freakin ADOR-AH-BUYLE.

  17. Aww…Jax and Piper are lovely dogs and so sweet!

  18. Ashley J says:

    I love everyone’s comments! Trust me, these dogs were not posed. My mom was cooking and turned around and there they were. She was completely freaked out by it! And I love my parents dearly…but their Goldens would never when a “best trained dog” award LOL!