Alternative Caption Theater

Sender-inner Sarah Q. helpfully pre-captioned this photo of this hedge and bear. Well if there’s anything our readers love, it’s putting words in the mouths of cute animals — and a challenge. So, what else might these two be saying?



  1. lisaLASSIE says:

    Why try to improve upon perfection?

  2. Snorg T-shirt! I own it!

  3. Minds in the gutter, as usual…

  4. Sweet hedgie hogs the hedge of my heart!

  5. Bear replies, “You don’t have to be so prickly…”

  6. ashagato says:

    for the same reason puxsutawney phil won’t share the ground!

  7. Hedgie : Another stalker ? SECURITY !!!!!!!!

  8. Hedgie: You had me at hello.

  9. Indeed! Best “heh heh heh” I’ve had all day. You could hear the penny drop when my brain said to itself and to me – it’s a hedgeHOG, geddit? HOG! Strikes me funny that one 😉

  10. Hi Guys!! What’s not to love about a stuffie-bear and a heart and a hedgie???

    **In the News**
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    Anybody who rather enjoys the occ. input from Her Majesty the Queen of Dork here at CO — please when you’ve enjoyed browsing today’s Cuteness at CO , also take a moment to go to a note I left under the post about Changing the Clocks with the Bunny next to the Clock???

    Late Sat night in Nevada a Bad Thing Happened. Both the Queen and the Princess are physically safe but a school buddy of la Princesse did not live through the weekend. Not kidding. I wanted those concerned for them to be aware of at least some of the story. Thanks and again sorry for the threadjacks. Leslie/ Fla

  11. 🙂

  12. oops — I just this moment (approx 3 am Tues/ Fla time) checked my post there,
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    my post hasn’t yet appeared there/ is in Moderaysh. Hopefully the Editors will choose to “let it live” sometime Tues???? So keep checking there please
    *crosses fingers*

  13. 260Oakley says:

    Hedgie replies, “Why must you be so spineless?”

  14. januaryfarmer says:

    Hedge says to Bear, “You are just so, you know, stuffed.”