Meanwhile, Somewhere Between the 6th and 7th Heineken


Cheers to Shumai The Cat and Sender-Inner Katharine H.




    Matchingks (cat with rug & furnishings)

    Well, if I were gonna be picky, I’m pretty sure they don’t say I’ve lost MY face, see, it’s ….oh never mind. Kitty is cute & floof exists.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Shumai is an excellent name for a cat. Just sayin.

  3. Meg and Ed I hope you know that I am now dying to get a puppy because of your site! It’s too much cuteness in one site, I just want to snorggle them all so badly!!

  4. Coffee Cup says:

    I can’t resist a cat named after a food.

  5. fish eye no miko says:

    I’m not as think as you drunk I am, ossifer…

  6. AWW, poor tired kitty 😀 Is Shumai a boy cat or a girl cat, Katharine H.? 😀

  7. Marianne says:

    One of my cats always sleeps in a face-plant like this, and then is so confuzzled when she wakes up!

  8. So THAT’S why they call it ‘getting faced.’

  9. RosieLB says:

    Well, I’d certainly rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

    Also, that is one cat who can’t hold his likker

  10. Shumai…could the name be any cuter?

  11. SlaveToCat says:

    The only god a Cat prays to is the Porcelain God.

  12. Been there and done that, You’ll survive kitty, you may not want to at the moment but you will.

  13. I’m telling you, you have bugs in your carpet! I can hear them and I can see them. And now I’m eating them.

  14. Aww Snooooozzzzzzzeeeee!

  15. Katharine H. says:

    Thanks Jennifer! Her face looks like a scrunchy shumai. A few more pics here!

  16. Katharine H. says:

    Girl kitty!! 🙂

  17. Katharine H. says:

    My friend thinks she is saying, “What is the POINT….”

  18. AWW 😀 A badly spoiled rotten girl kitty that Shumai is, huh, Katharine H., but who does not badly spoil their kitties 😀

  19. As in dumpling? Too cute.;