BONUS! Second Friday Haiku! OMG

Tiny Hummingbird
Fell out of his comfy nest
YAY he was rescued

Submitted by Fernanda A.: “He’s a baby hummingbird, he fell off his nest and we rescued him from the street. We called him Atila.” Photos taken by María V.



  1. dubyah1 says:

    Attila the Hum,
    Irridescent, conquers us
    With triphammer heart.

  2. silentk says:

    I can’t believe that
    His feathers are transparent!
    Beautiful spread wings

  3. sorry Ah ain’t got no haiku

    him/ her’s gorgeous!!!

  4. Tiniest baby
    An emerald on the wing
    In my heart you nest

  5. YAY Gigi + Hummer

  6. Beautiful, Gigi.

  7. Have you guys seen this:http: //
    It’s a live cam of a hummingbird nest.
    In the faqs, it says that the nest is the size of a golf ball, and the eggs were the size of tic tacs. 😯

  8. Is that Atila for Atila the Hum?

  9. Is that Atila for “Atila the Hum” ?

  10. Madame X says:

    Needle beaked gray blorp
    Blossoms in em’rald and blue
    Spread your wings and soar!

  11. Madame X says:

    Beautiful haiku for a beautiful boidy

  12. Patricia Shapiro says:

    Over the years, we have “rescued” two hummingbirds in our yard. The were stunned from hitting a window. Best place for them is a human hand, nice and warm! Also, if you have an eyedropper with water/sugar solution – 1/4 cup sugar to one cup water – the bird might take this – just one drop at a time on its beak – it can take as much as half an hour for the bird to feel OK and fly away.

  13. Catwhisperer says:

    Funny AND beautiful – most impressive!

  14. I’m always reminded of this whenever there are hummingbirds posts on CO:

  15. That person looks like they bought a tiny basket specifically for such bird rescue operations. What else can fit in that thing except a humming bird?

  16. Yeah, I got the “Atila the Hum” thing too. 🙂

  17. Hummingbirds are magnificent!!! I remember I experience something similar when one of the babies fell from the nest. I was feeding him/her and soon he/her grew up and stayed near the house for a while and soon decided to move on! We had some feeders around the house, so he/her used to visit. Then one day, just flew away. Beautiful little soul!

  18. baby hover bird
    with serious zoomies and
    irridescent colors

    needs help from his fall
    a hand with a gentle touch
    comes to the rescue

  19. chronicalsofdebauchery says:

    Incidentally, there are federal laws against holding hummingbirds in captivity without a permit.

  20. Leilani says:

    Hooray for Fernanda . . . and THANKS!

  21. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my STINKIN’ GOSH!

  22. Thanks, Ceejoe, its awesome! Peeps, right now, go look at the teeny, fuzzy squirmy humbabies!

  23. Thanks for the useful info!

  24. He’s definitely striking an “I AM ATILA FEAR ME!” in a couple of those.

  25. Atila the Hum!!!! Ded now.

  26. Pungh0Li0 says:

    One of the chicks is an Orphan that was introduced to Phoebe Allen’s nest yesterday. Named Pip after the orphan in Great Expectations.

  27. Preferred amount should be 4 parts water to 1 part sugar. People get it confused. I did. 🙂

  28. omg I didn’t get that, lol! I just thought Atila was a terrific name. Thanks!

  29. We just put up a hummie feeder after noticing more of them hanging around. Obviously a feeder doesn’t belong in the direct sun, so for that one hour I have to remove the feeder (trees have no leaves right now to block the sun). I put it inside on a table close to the sliding door and the very inquisitive hummies, as impatient as they are, have taken to coming inside to eat from the feeder on the table. It’s very sweet to see them having that trust (or raging appetite) and helping themselves. Btw we live in Southern Cal., so our winters do not prohibit open doors.

  30. Oh my goodness! Can’t even tell everyone how wonderful it is! You can watch mommy feeding the babies and the babies have such tiny little *everything*! One of them was orphaned and mommy took to him and fed him right away.

  31. I’ve been watching this! it is SOO awesome and wonderful!

  32. OMG, that hummingbird so beautiful! Does anyone know what kind it is?

  33. 🙂

  34. agreed.

  35. bien sur, c’est de la poesie!!

  36. ceejoe your notes re sizes of nest & baby birds SKEERS ME.
    Good LORD how do they manage to survive in the HUGENESS of everything surrounding ’em????

  37. Theresa says:

    I think despite her awesome name, Atila is a female ruby-throat– or an immature male. They don’t have the irridescent red throat, but they have green backs and white corners on their tails.