Some See The Glass As Half Empty

Ah see eet as half full!

Sent our way by James H.



  1. JenDeyan says:

    The world would be a better place if every local bar served a glass of playful kitten.

  2. The spotted belleh nearly killt me. What an adorable kitty! I thought she was super-teeny until I saw the hand. Then I felt like Pippin discovering he could get ale in pints (as opposed to halfs) in LOTR.

  3. wuyizidi says:

    It’s a Tabby Porter!

  4. Soooo beautiful. And full’o beans!

  5. Better just make it a tinee tabbee, barkeep – I have to drive later.

  6. Or a Tab Cola, for the underage crowd.

  7. SlaveTo says:

    Who’s up for another round? I’m buying.

  8. SlaveTo says:

    Be careful since to much Tabby Porter tends to control your mind and make you do cute little kitty voices and generally turn your brain into a puddle of goo.

  9. Rachael says:

    That glass is not half full of anything. It’s completely full of QTE!!

  10. Catwhisperer says:

    I’m not driving — make mine a double!

  11. Catwhisperer says:

    Astute observation, Rachael.

  12. Can I get a to-go cup?

  13. The hair of the…something…that bit you.

  14. You say that like it is a bad thing, Slave To Cat 😀

  15. I meant “SlaveTo” not “Slave To Cat (blush).

  16. I think I see what you mean, SlaveTo 🙂 Just looking at this video is already affecting me 🙂

  17. I’ll take two of THOSE ! ( anything worth doing is worth doing to excess)

  18. The Original Jane says:

    Try our new Guinness light. And that’s a Tinkerbell pose at :21! Just needs a mirror on the table to look down into.

  19. The Original Jane says:

    And it has a nice head that rises up just like the original brew!

  20. Pint sized kitty being tickled by a hobbit? Those were also the tiniest hands ever, or that is one humongo glass.

  21. Melissa says:

    The Russians are cornering the cute market as of late. The Japanese need to up their game.

  22. What a sweet little half-pint of sweet cider half drunk up.

  23. Darn, my glasses are all empty 😦

  24. 🙂

  25. victoreia says:

    I know! I never get that label! Which pub was this at?(I wanna go there!)

  26. Ugh! I’m suddenly VEWWY thirstyyyy! *grabs glass of kitteh, er, water; runs off*