This Goblet is Sufficient

One does prefer to be served in the manner to which one has become accustomed.

You may address me as, Griffin. My servant, Jessica, reports I am particularly skilled at not minding sitting in things for photographs. I am over four months old now so I keep needing bigger things to be put in, but that’s okay. I am a lovely “little dude”.



  1. Katherine G. says:

    Love the bed head!

  2. My cup runneth over with Squeeeee!!

  3. My ear is only partially unfurled since you are undeserving of my full attention.

  4. That is the prettiest coloring on a g.piggie I have ever seen! Anyone know what that coloration is called??

  5. Rachael says:

    The handses, people, the handses!!

  6. Peeeeg!!
    I think. It is a peeg, isn’t it?

  7. Peegs always look snooty but ,if you tip them up just a leetle (they may protest just a leetle, but can be bribed with cucumber, I find), or duck yourself down very low, you will find that they have smiling leeps.

    What a splendid peeg he is, too. I have such a peeg. He is very old and a rather faded brown colour now, but I love him dearly. He lives in my kitchen and whistles loudly when he wants food and company…. or just food. He likes designer salad.

  8. He is not in the flagon with the dragon, the vessel with the pestle or the chalice from the palace. But the sitting with the Griffin has his due that is true!

  9. “…..and that is why you shall receive the darkness of my side-eye.” How prosh!

  10. that is one ADORABUHL piggie!

  11. Guinea-vere found the Grail!

  12. lisaLASSIE says:


  13. Martha in Washington says:


  14. Martha in Washington says:

    *imagining poor Jessica running hither and yon with small silver trays of sliced carrots, carefully selected clover flowers, tiny slivers of organic broccoli, only to have them rejected by Griffin and sent away with head bowed in shame*

    I’m sure it’s a pleasure just to serve him, Jessica!

  15. ** clap **

  16. Hamlet! The drink is poisoned!

  17. 🙂

    la pauvre Jessica; comme c’est tragique, non???

  18. agreed

  19. well of COURSE he has to whisle for service…..haRRUMPH!!!

  20. agreed. Ce sont ” les ne plus ultra” des ” handses”.

  21. heh heh

  22. princess guinea and ariel says:

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  23. princess guinea and ariel says:

    i love guinea pigs!!!!!!