Q: Who’s the Best Pet Photographer in all the Land?

FUR_2169 (Medium)
A: The Furrtographer! Friend of the site Josh Norem is up for Best Pet Photographer in the Bay Area and needs your votes because it’s CLOSE!

FUR_2222 (Medium)

FUR_2401 (Medium)
Says Josh: “Voting ends in a few days and it’s down to the wire. If I nab this it will be a lifelong dream fulfilled.”

FUR_2525 (Medium)

FUR_2629 (Medium)
He continues: “Almost all the cats & dogs I shoot are from shelters like these, so this will help them too.”

FUR_2647 (Medium)

“People can vote with their Facebook or Yahoo! account. They don’t have to create an account.” Go Josh!



  1. Thank you Cute Overload and to everyone who can vote for me. I really appreciate your help and will keep delivering a fresh supply of CUTE!!!

  2. Tiny tabbeeee tiggeeerrsss! *plops ded*

  3. 260Oakley says:

    I voted. I think Josh would make an excellent POTCUS: Photographer Of The CUtenited States.

  4. Bashful says:

    Voted for you! Good luck!

  5. you said it Oakley. Those bellies made me asplode.

  6. Is it even possible to take a bad picture of a kitten?

  7. Theresa says:


  8. Here are two more bonus pics of the Tabby kitten – it shows his toe beans and an adorb milkstache: http://imgur.com/a/V6gTf

  9. Who’s the best photographer in the Uniiiiiiiited States? It’s you, Champer-Damper, it’s you!

    / obscure?
    // I voted.
    /// Is this the site where they use slashies?

  10. emmberrann says:

    Spotty tummy!!

  11. ok I voted! thanks for helping the shelter babies!

  12. Mary (the first) says:

    I voted!!

  13. I’ve done voted for you Josh.

  14. Tooooo much tineee tabbee to handle!

  15. Picture #2 with the paw nommage has just kilt me.

  16. Go Josh Go!! I hope you win! You are a rock star. Love love love your photos.

  17. Thank you Bashful!

  18. Thx Oakley 🙂

  19. It’s harder then you might think to get it just right 🙂

  20. Thanks NTMTOM – I always love your posts and appreciate the vote!!

  21. Thanks Ash! See you soon 🙂

  22. Thanks Mary (the first)!

  23. Thanks Gigi – I appreciate the vote!!

  24. Thanks Nikki – and thank you for the kind words!

  25. (ahem) *BELLEH SPOTSSSSS*

  26. Fird Birfle@clipboard says:


  27. I hope my vote will count 🙂 Does it matter that I am Canadian and voted from Canada? 🙂

  28. AWW 😀 I so want to cuddle those sweet little kitties 😀

  29. Betty Pickett says:

    In picture #2….notice the little yellow kitten…..look familiar? Maybe this behavior comes along with the color of the kitty!

    Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2013 22:17:31 +0000 To: bettypickett123@hotmail.com

  30. emmberrann says:

    Did God make anything cuter than bebeh kittehs? *sigh, with a smile*

  31. emmberrann says:

    Noted and confirmed, duly seconded by acclamation.

  32. 6rabbits says:

    Those toe beans are gonna put some folks here over the edge! Josh, I’d choose you any day of the week and twice on Sundays! 🙂

  33. Already voted for Josh! How can he take such great pictures of these over-the-top adorable kittens and still be a functional human being! (I, for one, would be reduced to speaking baby-talk gibberish!)

  34. Rachael says:

    I voted for Josh and apparently it was good for an extra point since I was the first vote of the day. I wish I could vote for him a gazillion times. Our Josh is the best!!!

  35. I voted. Yay, Josh!

  36. Oh my word, I’m in Adorable Kitteh Heaven! ❤

  37. lol, I remember Champer-Damper and his weird hoomin! 🙂

  38. Thank you Rachael!!

  39. Thank you Jujube!!

  40. Here’s a Toe Bean enhance!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://i.imgur.com/xdehxkc.jpg

  41. I actually alternate back and forth from serious photography mode and belly snorgling.

  42. It will count, thank you Teresa!

  43. What Nikki said. You got my vote, Josh!

  44. 13bodies says:

    So what IS your Fark handle?

    I voted!

  45. Totally Jersey says:

    I am one of those crotchety people who never casts a vote for anything that requires a sign up or similar. But, Josh’s breadth of purrrrfect work deserves a notable exception. Go get ’em, Josh! And, bring on the cute!

  46. I voted! 😀
    Also… Are you tryin’ ta kill us with the QTE, Josh?!?! 😉

  47. I do my best 🙂

  48. twocityshibas says:

    Privacy tail and privacy toe beans!! *sigh*

  49. 6rabbits says:

    Thanks Josh! I didn’t even have to request it! 🙂 *said pointedly with eyebrow raised expressively*

  50. Good 😀 You are welcome, Josh Norem 😀 If you don’t win, you will hear a lot of SCREAMING from me in Canada 😀

  51. I really, truly appreciate your support. Thank you!!

  52. These are all such gorgeous shots!

  53. For anyone who has come back here thank you for your vote! I did win and I appreciate all your help and support!!!!