Is It Summer Yet?

I’m ready for some dog days, ya know?

Photos by (in order of appearance) istolethetv, Andrew M. and Sookie



  1. These little guys look SO COOL.

  2. Jimbeaux says:

    My friends started their pup dock-diving at events last year. It just looks so darn fun, and the pupster loves it!

  3. Skateboarding poodle for the win!

  4. In the first photo the skateboeard is a plastic toy.
    Is the puppeh a real puppeh or also a toy?
    It’s almost to cute to be real 😯

  5. Mary (the first) says:

    The pink doggles are too much!!

  6. Blue Footed Booby says:

    The dog in that middle picture is a labrador in elemental form. He’s like a happymissile.

  7. It’s 40F here– what my grandma called bikini weather! WOOO!!

  8. DOGGLES!!! Bwhahahahaha *THUD*

  9. it really does look like they’re having a great time! same with agility dogs – I swear they look so freakin happy. it’s like the doggiest a dog can possibly dog.

  10. I wish I had a swimming pool in my backyard (or a backyard, for that matter 🙂 ) so I could invite all the neighborhood goggies! 🙂

  11. michelle b adams says:

    skateboard plus illegally cute poodle – ska-‘dude’-ul
    as in ‘I gotta skadoodle, or I’ll be late, only cuter!!!!

  12. ScoutsMom says:

    I love the dog in the background of pic #3 who is looking at the fire hydant. You can almost see the idea forming in his head.

  13. ScoutsMom says:

    In pic #2 of the swimming pool, so the doggies go down the water slide, too?

  14. That pool is GREEN! Yuck!