Move over bobblehead llamas !

Bob bob bobblin’ along with, Kira.


  1. Alice Shortcake says:

    “HALP! The weight of me head is dragging me down into the carpet!”

  2. All the better for smooches, my dear. *mouths whole kitty*

  3. *pulls kitteh out of sugitomo’s mouf, stuffs in own mouf, runs off*

  4. I feel an overwhelming urge to pick up that kitty and snorgle that furrr.

  5. I’m beginning to think that *I* must be a kitty b/c I’ve died SO menny times here at CO

    *ded agin*

  6. Rachael says:

    Me too. I swear I’ve dedded at least 9 times just this week alone. :)

  7. AWW :D That babeh kitteh needs a bottle of warm kitteh milk A.S.A.P. :D

  8. I volunteer! I will take the responsibility of snuggling the babeh kitty whilst feeding him/her a nice warm bottle of milk!
    Nobel and Self-Sacrificing

  9. When your arms need a break, I’ll take over, amyliz!

    That fly away floof on the top of the head just slays me…

  10. [Squee!] How sweet is that baby? Those foldey ears and the round top of the head… Ohmigerd.

  11. Clairdelune says:

    You noted the foldey ears too, and the sweet round top of the head just waiting to be kissed… ohmigerd indeed! Now I’ll have to sit here and keep staring… and planning… I wonder if the local shelter has a marmie bebeh…

  12. His big head is just the right size to pop in my mouf.

  13. He looks like my 9 yr. old Georgie! I never sawhim this teeny, but the cream around the eyes, the fuzzy fur! Soooo want!

  14. I haz had a bad day pleaze gives meh a kizz on tee head

  15. bunny rousseau says:

    looks like one of my bobble head fosters…so young after feeding you akso had to get it to poop….who cares? wuv them


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