Bobo And Nikita’s Greatest Hits

A Super-Sized Catload O’ Crazy, direct from Poland. Submitted by Krzysztof S.


  1. Theresa says:

    Oh! They rock so hard! *laughing tears*

  2. dgerish says:

    I too am laughing tears. What a wonderful pair.

  3. And CO knew them before they were famous!

  4. Theresa says:

    PS Ceejoe, can you check in with us from the Grapefruit League?

  5. Yay, Bobo and Nikita! I’m SOOOO proud that I’m Polish :) *waves a white and red flag like crazy*

  6. *stands along side jerzowa and waves a w/r flag too*

  7. jerzowa says:

    Yay, Trixandsam, thanks for joining me! :)

  8. What’s the Polish for “tinee tabbee?”

  9. I’m translating it as “malenki pasiaczek”, but thant’s just me and my (sort of) poetic translation :) (we commonly use “tabby” to describe the fur pattern; not to mention that Tinee Tabbee has become a part of my vocabulary, thanx to You, T.U.M. :) )

  10. Thanks!!

  11. Hey T.U.M.??? Somebody just showed the following to me.
    You and this lady come from the same wonderful universe!!! Voila
    [the part where she matches you isn’t in the url…after you open the page, you will see “your catchphrase” in the headlines of this “article”] :)

  12. Too cool, Fird!

  13. I think the kitten is on crack and the cat on Prozac! :lol:

  14. Hanglyman says:

    The way it’s edited, it’s like watching a really adorable version of the video from The Ring.

  15. I would watch this a million times if this would result in Bobo and Nikita coming through my computer.

  16. too cute!

  17. Clairdelune says:

    OMG, the snorgable floofy belleh being vacuumed!!! How does one train a cat to do that, my kitteh disappears when the vacuum cleaner enters her field of vision.

  18. I have no idea, Clairdelune :) This reminds me of the story my late Great Aunt Doris told me of when she vacuumed a relative’s cat twice whenever I see a cat getting vacuumed :)

  19. jlamusings says:

    We used to have a big orange & white guy who liked to be vacuumed too! He was just chill all the time. I remember I brought up the vacuum
    attachment to him one day and he just looked uninterested. Not scared at all. Tried vacuuming him and he rolled over. I think it was more training US to vacuum him. :-)

  20. Clairdelune says:

    This kitten earns the Most Adorabuhl Redonkolous Fluffball Award. WANT!!!
    *hands in chin scritching position*

  21. What a beautiful start to the day. However I will admit to some mild jealousy that I am not owned by these two kitteh souls. They are so lucky to have hit the cute/silly kitteh jackpot twice in a row. There is so much to love with these bebehs I don’t know where to start!

  22. I especially love the tiny kitten when he does the biting/snapping action! So vewy vishus!!

  23. 0:28 is beyond cute: little baby Nikita doing baby swats at BoBo. So “fierce”! Awwn.

  24. Mary (the first) says:

    The Mama Smackdown at about 1:08!! That bebeh will learn some respect!! And I love the vacuuming, the kitteh looks almost asleep!!

  25. 6rabbits says:

    The wide staring eyes make kitteh look catatonic while being vacuumed!

  26. I luv them soooooo moshe!

  27. vid for all the CO fans with high-speed ADD.

  28. Awesome video of awesome cats!

  29. *plotzes*

  30. The sound of scampering cat feet kills me… Zoom zoom zoom.. Hehehehe!

  31. the bebeh jumping at the mirror!

  32. Oh my! I love the eyes when kitteh gets vacumed!

  33. We need animpending doom on this.

  34. i love the fatty!


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