Now, That’s Independence

Not only does this puppy walk himself, he’s also his own chew toy!



  1. And that’s why Labs are great service dogs!

  2. That’s the cutest butt I’ve seen in a while 😀

  3. Self-sufficiency?

  4. Little DIY pup is adorable! So do you think I could train my cats to scoop there own litter box?

  5. You might not like where they dump the stuff that they scoop out. And super cute bebbeh lab tocks!

  6. I couldn’t take my eyes off those sweet little tocks!

  7. *visualizing the “Are you keedding?” kitty faces*

  8. robbermagnet says:

    Aww. Is he being trained to be a helper?

  9. Lol theresa me too. I saw Lilac and Little One with disgruntled incredulous looks on their faces. How dare I even think such a thing.

  10. Wonderful pup that will grow into an awesome companion. : D

  11. I had a poodle who did this exact same thing.

  12. I am ded! Puppeh but keeled me.

  13. My foot is not as chewy as I thought it would be.

  14. when all you have is a new snout, everything looks like a nom

  15. The cutest ´tocks.

  16. Rachael says:

    I’ve never NOT fallen in loff with a golden retriever. I just want to hug heem and squeeze heem and call him Snorglebutt. 🙂

  17. Hey Rachael what a GREAT name option !!! Snorglebutt !! My hubby & I are looking at puppies & we may be getting close to a new addition to our family. I wonder if I can talk the hubby into agreeing to that for a name. Hee hee hee !

  18. weaselwardancer says:

    very impressive. I expecially like that the leash wrapped around his tocks does not freak him out. definitely service dog material.

  19. TOO MUCH! someone untangle that poor thing for me. then snorgle eet.

  20. So precious. Want one!!

  21. My dog does the same thing, it’s the funniest thing. And when you try to take the leash from him, he gets an attitude at first. Then once he sees we’re really going, he’s all good.

  22. Oh, the fwuzzy tocks!