Friday Haiku: Snoozin’ Puppeh

Scout the tired puppy

Sleeps on the nice soft couch and

Dreams of chasing cats

From the Beagles Forever FB.



  1. Baby beagles are the cutest things on four legs! Move over, Scout–I’m going to nap with you.

  2. LOOK at those EARSIES!
    Scoot over, Scout puppeh, cause
    Ah’m comin’ in! NOM!

  3. my ears are burning.
    please save me from tracylee.
    she’s coming for me!

  4. the timingk of this one and the one FROM tracylee is Darned Amusingk.

  5. 260Oakley says:

    We have a problem
    Beagle has landed on the
    Couch, not on the moon

  6. beagle belly spots
    fuzzy chubby snorgle dots
    hide behind toe beans

  7. Mary (the first) says:

    Smellin’ puppeh bref
    Nommin’ the velvet earsies
    I wish pup was here….

  8. Lonely sad pup
    If you come stay with me
    I will make you happy.

  9. I have a Beagle girl named Scout. She is as delicious as this little snorglelump. Gonna go nom her now.

  10. I have wine and cheese.
    Friday night and I’m off work.
    Unrelated line.

  11. HOW CUM the posters (as in people who post posts on CO) can say the normal-person word for a baby dog, but us Commenters must say “puppeh”? 😉

  12. pupfanatic says:

    Haiku is this:
    I must kiss, then eat, the pink toebeans.

  13. Nose, tummeh, feetsies
    Shy Di eyes and ears a-flop
    Onna comfy couch

  14. 😆