You’ve Never Felt So Happy at Such Grand Disappointment

Buzzy sends in the best thing I’ve seen this year by Ze Frank displayed on Laughing Squid.


  1. I agree–it’s the best vid all year (so far). What a fabulous production!

  2. I will see those faces every time I do something I shouldn’t.

  3. LOL! And now I can go feel ashamed and very very sorry for being so unworthy.

  4. So undeserving am I that I got banished to mod lounge. *sadly sits in corner with dunce cap and a latte*

  5. Me, too. The disapproval is strong tonight. I suspect the bunneh is behind it.

  6. Now I have “Bunny’s gonna give you tough love” stuck in my hayd….;D

  7. Sure, make me feel like crap whydoncha? :)

  8. Well, the first thing I saw when I came to read the responses was “You’re worthless” (in the PSA up top about bullying).

    Kinda fit the moment, I guess.

  9. I love you interwebz! See, this is not something you would have ever heard on the radio, seen on TV, or read in a book. You can pull this up and show your friends and family, you can watch it over and over again and then do it again when you get to work.

    I’ll say it once more, with feeling, “I love you interwebz”!

  10. Rachael says:

    Think of all the fabulous stuff we’d probably never know about without the interwebz: Maru, Magilla Glub Glub, Max Stubbular, Navann the bebbeh trunkster, puppeh in jammies, Pipsqueak the irrepressible goatlet, Bea (of Where’s Bea? Fame)… okay, maybe it’s just CO that’s fabulous and not necessarily the interwebz. :)

  11. i love the interwebz because my global view really is global now I have come to meet people really from all over the world and gotten to learn about stuff that goes on in their country. I feel like I am at least a little less all america centered. And this is a very good thing. Plus Kitties in every country … and any language are .. well Kitties LOL!

  12. This made me wet myself it was so scary.

  13. 8-O have you wiped up, yet, sk’mom???

    (*giggle* *they said “pissed”)

  14. Huh? Who did?

  15. phred's mom says:

    Wut, no Mod? Now I’m p*ssed.

  16. Too fabulous for words! I’m sharing all over the place.

  17. roflmao….and got right on some of those good intentions, after all that tough bunny love

  18. warrior rabbit says:

    Rabbit’s gonna give you tough love… Yeah, you know it!

  19. Well, negative reinforcement’s better than no reinforcement.

  20. Is there a disappointed cadre of frowning animals in the mod lounge? Is that what happens there?

  21. Never before have I been so ashamed to be a hoomin.

  22. My rabbit gives me tough love all the time. When I want him to love me he twitches his nose, hops away and says “tough”. I still wuv him though.

  23. This wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, browsing CO when I really really should be cramming for my exam… but, well, I guess I did deserve it. *sighs*

  24. Rabbit’s gonna give you tough love!

  25. Ooh this is perfectly timed for some good ol’ fashioned Catholic Lent guilt! The very skeptical and disappointed bun at 1:20 is my fav.

  26. and baby bare is frankly shocked!


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