Anything we can get you?


  1. This in one of those, Life is Good, moments.

  2. The tailio is saying, “Hey, I’m in my happy place and you are wrecking the zen of the moment”

  3. Like all cats he’s got a tell-tale tail. :-)

  4. Solar powered purr producer there.

  5. Just recharging the catteries.

  6. Has Maru finally gone through Boxhab??

  7. I think there’s room for me there next to Maru. I can use a little sun right now!

  8. Is he moving his tail voluntarily or is that some kind of reflex thing for cats? :)

  9. Well, I know it’s a reflex for him personally. It never stops.

  10. Could he have his own theme song running in his head?

  11. That is one happy cat.

  12. Maru really knows how to live, you know?

    I no longer want to steal Maru, I want to BE Maru.

  13. I want a Maru rug!

  14. It is so sad that he just can’t seem to get comfortable.

  15. Rachael says:

    Yeah, poor baby. And how said that his hooman never gives him any love or attention. :)

  16. Rachael says:

    Sad, not said. *eye roll*

  17. it IS sad, izzn’t it sk’mom??

  18. And he’s so obviously stressed out…

  19. I wonder whether they can get Rescue Remedy in Japan. It might help him to relax a little.

  20. HAW!!!

  21. He almost has a privacy shadow.

  22. I just wish there was less stress in Maru’s life. What with the house being such a mess and all… Sheesh. He really needs to learn how to chill.

  23. It isn’t good to subject a cat to all that dirt and disorder in his living environment.

  24. I know. Maru’s human is such a hoarder. LOL.

  25. This cat is the gift that keeps on giving!

  26. Maru enjoys the traditional Japanese tatummy room.

  27. Clairdelune says:

    Tatummy!!!! You get an Oscar for that. A cat named Oscar, that is. :-D

  28. ow WOW that IS bicultural AND clever!!! Well-done, you :)

  29. My belly has a warm.

  30. I have to make a confession. I am one of those bad hooman that can not resist a cat tummy. I will scratch and tickle and rub my nose in it until the poor cat gets up, gives me a disgusted look and walks away. Mea culpa.

  31. Your cat just walks away? Lucky you. Too much tummy rub when Gracie is not in the mood, and I lose a hand!

  32. Norbertsmom says:

    You are in excellent company around here!

  33. Rachael says:

    You horrible hooman you!!! :)

  34. Maru is a verrrry laid-back kitty. It always makes me happy to see one like that.

  35. With the twitchy tail, Maru looks like those 70s kitschy cat clocks where the tails swing back and forth.

  36. We loooove yoy Maru. You are such an inspire to te important thing in life

  37. Finally Maru has found a position in which he actually looks slim! :)

  38. glad to see him blissing out in a moment of peace, and giving those silly boxes a break.

  39. AWW :D Maru looks so comfortable laying in the sun :D

  40. Okay My own confession.. not the tummy but the arm pits. when My kitties stretch out like that I want to tickle them in the arm pits. They like it for maybe a minute and then like the tummy watch out LOL!

  41. 13bodies says:



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