Look Ma, We Brushed Our Tails

Can we go to the Bamboo Bistro now?  Huh? Can we?

From the always adorable Zooborns.



  1. The flooof! They look a little like they got all static-y walking over a rug and are now poofing out. So cute!

  2. Is this a photo or a painting?

  3. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I think it’s a photo taken with a camera that had a “noisy” sensor, producing a lot of grain, that was then compressed, introducing artifacts on top of the grain.

  4. Bebbeh red panda tocks!

  5. fleurdamour says:

    Bamboo Bistro…or Panda Express?

  6. Those are some mighty cute tails!

  7. I wonder why these are not common pets like cats and dogs … Besides being super cute, they are the right size, aren’t they? Perhaps they smell funny or have a complicated diet. I do not think they are rare, I have seen one hanging around and sleeping in every Zoo I visited.

  8. Look at those floof-a-licious baby red panda tails! SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
    Falls over dead.

  9. these guys don’t eat bamboo! they aren’t actually related to giant pandas

  10. because they are a wild animal that’s why! go get a pet at the animal shelter, there are more than enough to choose from

  11. Sigh I am in moderations Lounge. What did I say???? SIgh well I already got my soy hot cocoa. MMMM Delicious Holds second one for Sharpy.

  12. They eat nothing but bamboo. Bamboo in bulk would be hard to come by.

  13. Can’t decide what I love more – their circular ringed tailios, or the fact that the tailios are so chubbular. Eeeek!

  14. smarty-pants 😀

  15. Wheee! PF Changs is two doors down from SuperCuts!

  16. Bamboo Chow by Purina?

  17. I had my photo taken with one of these guys on my lap. Great experience. They are supercute and eat fruit out of your hand.

  18. Are they as soft as they look?! Please tell me they’re soft!!

  19. because they’re an endangered, wild species

  20. They certainly seem like they might make good pets – they are intelligent and playful, small enough to manage, and utterly adorable. But if the information on Wikipedia is correct they eat their own weight in bamboo leaves and shoots every day… Which would make for a lot of cleaning up.

  21. They do eat bamboo, but not exclusively. They’re omnivores with a bamboo fixation.

  22. YES! They are soft. I did it at Australia Zoo.

  23. Yay!!

  24. Haha, I wouldn’t want one, I have 3 adorable kitties… It’s more of a theoretical question. And I have heard of skunks being pets, aren’t these wild animals too?