Chillin’ In Ma Jam Jams

Sam P. sent this one in with the P.S. “My heart is melting” and even provided the post title.

PUPPEHS IN JAMMEHS. All aboard the Reeeeeeeeeeeeee-donk Express!




  1. Oh. My. God!! Not just jammehs but feetie jammehs. I am finally and officially ded.

  2. = thunk =
    That would be the sound of me hitting the floor, knocked out cold by the Qte…

  3. OMG.
    puppeh in jam jams.

    (y’all, I am typing from the Great Beyond (TM) because this hath kilt me DED with its adorablenesseses. fer reals.)

  4. I saw this on the tumbies (I hear it’s what the “cool kids” call tumblr) last night and I asked husband if we could get our future pupster some jim jams and he said yes. Then I realized future pupster would probably have a poo or pee in it immediately. BUT IF WE COULD GET A CUTE PICTURE OUT OF IT STRAIGHT AWAY? WORTH IT.


    (note to self: why am I already planning future pupster pictures such as theeees, must be my biological pup clock!)

  5. Thank you Rachael, you took the words right out of my mouth…..Cutest pose evvvaaarrr!!!

  6. There is more to the story, too. He’s a blind puppy who was a part of a litter of (potential) service dogs. His story is on Dog Bless You on Facebook:!/exploredogs

  7. I would like more posts like this, plz.

  8. fleurdamour says:

    All he needs is the remote in his little paw.

  9. Puppeh jammies have a puppeh on it.

  10. I think we might have reached the pinnacle of cuteness. Time to shut down the interwebs and call it a day.

  11. I saw this pic on FB, and someone said that this little sweetie is blind? Some lovely person adopted him. Anyone know if that’s true?

  12. Pup is totally saying, “Whassup, b*tches?”

  13. thunk x three.

  14. So Noted.

    (psst: Puppeh? your earses might be safe ….)

  15. *giggle* @ the b-word, as that relates to female doggehs …..

  16. Many years ago my husband and I were at a boat show and bought a dog life jacket for the dog we sort of thought we might someday have. We never did get the dog. I still have the life jacket in its original wrapping.

  17. He is all Chilliin in his Crib…

  18. EXACTLY.

  19. Good lord, just look at how he is sitting! Like a furry little toddler! This is the official definition of redonk. Sooooo cute.

  20. “If you build it, they will come” approach, Skippy? I’m guilty of that too…

  21. and a beer

  22. Funny part was the sales guy asked me how much our dog weighed. I hemmed and hawed, then said, well, I’m not sure exactly but he’s pretty big.
    (the dog we wanted was a bull terrier)

  23. and a bag of Doritos

  24. Ha! Will it fit Skippy?

  25. *”GIT A BULL TERRIER, skippymom!!!”*

    *Begins making up signs on posterboard with highlighter markers and metallic stars*

  26. Nikki, it’s way too big for Skippy, and I don’t have a boat at this time, anyway.
    Fird, yeah, what I really need in my tiny house is four cats AND a bull terrier.

  27. Alice Shortcake says:


  28. My inlaws have a sailboat, and they bought a purple life vest for their orange cat. He looked so cute in it, and it was fun to pick him up by the handle on his back–even if he was on dry land. Of course picking him up like that always earned the glaring eye of death, but it was worth it!

  29. Ah yes, Retrievers in Pajamas, my son watched that show when he was a bebeh:

    Oh wait…

  30. Oh Skip, I just LOVE the spirit of optimism that went into your buying a life jacket for boat rides with your puppeh when you had neither a boat nor a puppeh!!! Why should that stop you?!? LOL. You are adorable!!

  31. until I’m resuscitated, of course (muah hah hah, and also, hah)

  32. Actually, we did have a sailboat at the time that I bought the jacket. But that was in a previous lifetime, if you get my drift….

  33. ThirdShift says:

    “For sale: dog life jacket in its original wrapping.” An original short story by Hemingway.

  34. The saddest story ever written.

  35. I thought it was a cow at first and wondered why. Puppeh makes more sense. 🙂

  36. Wow. The best thing I have seen ALL year!

  37. phred's mom says:

    He actually IS a toddler in a dog suit,
    with jammies on top. So cyoooooot!

  38. “Ready to fall in love? This is Ray, a blind puppy who was in need of a very special home. His new human Andrew will be raising him with the attention he deserves.”

    Even bigger AWWWW’s now. 😀

  39. Oh no. I was telling people who the puppeh is. Is it because I didn’t say puppeh?

  40. Footed jammies for puppers? *in Elaine voice* GET OUT!

  41. …either that or the Ghost of TL will be nomming your earsies pupsters…if you feel a cold wind and a gentle nomming…that be her.

    In another note….is this for REAL??!! Feetie PJs on a pupsters??!! I won’t have puppy paws to nom on!

  42. RoxyRocketeer says:

    This is Ray, a special-needs blind puppy that recently found a forever home.

  43. dang….i said the P word…my brain lost all comprehension about mod rules. I’m gonna find a G and T and a sammich.

  44. So who IS the puppeh? Enquiring minds NEED to know. 🙂

  45. somebody on another post mentioned that ….I think it was under the Lellyphant and then at the bottom somebody else was in the Mod Lounge doing a Blues …..

  46. this was directed at emmylee & the mention of a g&t

  47. 😯

  48. rescue gal says:

    It seems his name is Ray and he is a blind rescute! 🙂 His new daddy dressed him in jammies for pictures.

  49. that’s what he smells like, so yeah, that’s covered 🙂

  50. lisaLASSIE says:

    whispers “they make miniature bull terriers”

  51. I second that commotion! 😀

  52. I SO love that it is the puppeh’s new DADDY that got him the jams!

  53. where have I seen that expression before?? oh yeah, every sunday when I was a kid and had to dress up for church.

  54. pupfanatic says:

    Fird, FIRD, you have to stay awake, you must live; everyone is *thudding.* I personally just took 7 xanax, 11 rescue remedies, and some methadone and I am still going down for the count. This level of qte is mightier than the clouds and the sun.

    We need someone. Someone STRONG to revive us all; a golden puplet in feety PJs could, uh, will be the end of the civilized world.

    Lord, save us all.

    P.P.S- *Plop…thud*

  55. pupfanatic says:

    I concur, boidcage.

  56. pupfanatic says:

    He’s blind???!!!! Stop chopping onions in here, dammit!!!

    God bless his angelic furry soul.


  57. Rachael says:

    Knowing he’s blind only makes me love him more. God bless his new daddy.

  58. billmurrayeg says:

    Someone has to do a remake of Malcom in the Middle but with animals and this guy has to play Dewey

  59. to pupfanatic, about my collapse: “Is THIS the END……………. of Rico ?????”

  60. yep, it’s true! He is a blind baby named Ray, and he has been adopted by some awesome chap. Dog Bless You on facebook had the details.

  61. READs Berg’s item & bursts out laffing about the cat, the handle and the
    Eye of Death (hopes I don’t get Mod’d for that)