Another Way In Which Cats Rule

They are aloof; they are intelligent; in recent days we’ve learned how some of them are clearly superior.

Now we have incontrovertible evidence that they can do command based tricks.

Sent in by Buzzy – who says, “soon cats will rule the world and that really scares me cuz I’m allergic” – found on Laughing Squid.



  1. Hey, “ded” kitty’s tail is still twitching!

  2. WoolyBully says:

    Super cute!
    My kitty does high fives on command too! He also has other fun tricks, like snoring, sock stealing, fur-ball making and 4am opera singing. The high-fives are the best though.

  3. fleurdamour says:

    I guess we all take commands for noms.

  4. I have not seen such a beautiful longhaired kitty since the death of my beloved (and slightly bigger) Samantha in 2003. I chuckled as I watched this one and was reminded of my “baby girl.”

  5. I had a girl kitty who would fall over when I pointed my “hand” gun at her and made a “p-kew!” noise. Never tried to teach her the high-five, though. AND she did not require noms. I think she did it for the belly rub which always followed.

  6. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Lucy will also do the fall down thing. I started “training” her by saying “fall down” and gently pushing her on her side, giving her belly rubs afterwards. It progressed to me just touching her side, and she would fall over. Got to the point that I would just point at her, and she would fall over. I simply added the “bang” to my routine later. 🙂

  7. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    LOVE the “play dead”. My mom is teaching her kitty to pick which hand is hiding the treat – she pokes at the hand with her paw.

  8. “seems to amuse the human, so I’ll go along” face! Love it. I love the way kits are always sure to guide your hand with the treats, make sure none are missed!

  9. MinglesMommy says:

    Sheesh, I’m further reminded how useless my cats are. They do NOTHING I ask. (I still love them. But still.)

  10. 😆 That kitty knows how to play with his/her owner 😆

  11. Yep 😀

  12. LOL and I thought Lilac was awesome with the bringing of the lizards to me trick… round five coming up this summer.

  13. I love that her name is Truvy. Screeeeeeam from cuteness.

  14. i taught my 3 month old kitten, MayBL, to jump up on top of her cat scratch post ledge for treats (it’s 3 ft tall). it’s the ONLY place MayBL’s “allowed” to have treats, so she’ll jump up there in anticipation of the treats! Now MayBL thinks she’s trained ME! “hey, watch, i trained mom to give me a treat when i jump up on the scratch post.” she’s 10 months old now and does this every day! i LUV her!!

  15. formicadinette says:

    I love how she reaches out and is all, “Gimme teh noms nao!”