Happy Happy Joy Joy!

This Robo Dwarf Hamster Ham Ham DUDE is CO-Certified 100% HAPPY!

Discovered on The Tubes.



  1. How can one critter pack so much qte in such a teensy body?!

  2. Man, for reals!

  3. The feets!

  4. One of the cutest/greatest darned things I have seen on CO in the like 6 years I’ve been coming to this site!!!!!

    SOOOOOOO adorabuhls ^_^

  5. Kari Callin says:


  6. This is exactly what I looked like about half an hour ago when I found out that you guys celebrated my birthday yesterday! Thank you again!

  7. must be broccoli day in the habitrail

  8. HAW

  9. spirit toe beans!!


  11. YAY KARI and Mr. Robbins 🙂

    Marnie is a boid after my heart!!! LONG LIVE Marnie !!!!!

    (OMG he givz the bunny KISSES OMG)

  13. Da teefs, people, da teeeeeefs!!!

  14. Martha in Washington says:

    I’ll have what he’s having please!

  15. signed, Rob Reiner’s mother.

    (I THINK that’s whose mother said that part in the film….???)

  16. Hey Theresa? Having now watched The Marvelous Marnie vid approx 800 times so far now ….

    I just realized that the lady says “it’s March 5th” ….THUS….it’s ALMOST Marnie’s I guess seventh birthday THIS NEXT FEW WEEKS in 2013 !!!!

  17. Hey peeps???

    Has NOBODY besides me, checked (dun dun DUN) the text in the URL for this post yet ??????

    *suspenseful music plays*

    *dry ice makes fake fog*

  18. Yes, it was.
    (I’ve never seen the movie, but I heard an interview with him.)

  19. Ren and Stimpy shout out!

  20. happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy …

  21. Why is he sooo happy, and how do I get some of eet?

  22. you HAVEN”T SEEN WHMS ?????

    SHOW me your citizenship card, laydee 😯

    Seriously, sk’mom there are SO many groovy moments in that film.
    Some of ’em are nice ones and others are quite, ‘ow you say, sehr droll (aka funnneeeee) Ya gotcher BASEBALL humor, ya gotcher pesky kid at the batting cage humor, ya gotcher new year’s eve humor, ya gotcher “worst blind date” humor, ya gotcher “benefits of having a brain tumor” humor …..

  23. because he knew his picture was going to be on c.o.

    (don’t question the paradox, just bask in it)

  24. Tell you what: my kitties and I will drive down to Florida to stay with you for two weeks, and we can watch all the movies you think are lacking in
    my education. I’ll cook healthy meals for us while we’re there.

  25. Only if you and the kitties promise to have fun!

  26. We are ALL ABOUT fun.

  27. The Original Jane says:

    PLEASE put this little guy on next years desk calendar so I can tear off his page and tape it to my bathroom mirror and have some of his joy rub off on me every day! (But you need to put two ’cause my sis gets the desk calendar and we may fight over that photo.)

  28. phred's mom says:

    One could nom all his wee toe beans
    at the same time!!! Oh Joy!!!

  29. Then we shall have hAppY dAnCiNg! on Marnie’s birthday!

  30. YES YES YES! Do eet! Do eet!
    Robo hammie is beyond the ordinary realms of cuteness!

  31. *Ka-splotszes*

  32. *holds breath until March 4th*

  33. You do realize that the little dude is screaming. That is the face they make. It is actually hilarious to listen to them. And they are LOUD!

  34. Ok peeps, lemme play this record again.

    Check the URL up above…….

  35. *signing up for Charleston lessons*

  36. What a cute little hamster. He looks more like a Campbell’s Dwarf hamster. He doesn’t have the eyebrows or the light brown like Roborovski’s do.


  38. OMG!!! This is the cutest picture EVER on Cute Overload!!!! SQUEE!!!!!