Robot Dogs Will Save the Day!

Operational right out of the box – just flip the switch! (Bostonbot and Hoverpup sold separately.)

They’ll pick up around the house, light your way with all-spectrum laser orbital lobes, power clean your smelly shoes with our patented and powerful scrubbing hydrostat, rescue the cat when she gets stuck in the tree AND MORE!

Order today! SOLD OUT.

We gotta get us some o’ them, Jason L.



  1. Coffee Cup says:

    Illusions, Michael…

  2. wouldn’t have any corg-o-matics still in stock, would you?

    i got some difficult spots the roomba don’t reach

  3. I’ll bet they are selling for a lot now on eBay…..too bad I already spent my money there stocking up on Twinkies.

  4. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Clearly the solution is to buy arms for your Roomba.

  5. Don’t you mean Hooverpup?

  6. Why does a Roomba need guns?

  7. Isn’t that Unnnderdoooog!?

  8. Isn’t Underdog the boxer that was being sat upon by the IG?

  9. 😯