Playtime 4 Baby Trunkster Navann

Elizabeth O. sent this one in. “You featured this little guy a while back, so I started following him on FB. This is a recent video—the best part is around 1:50.”

[She’s right. What a little hoser, eh? -Ed]

Here’s the website of where Navster lives.


  1. I don’t care what species it is no kid can resist a puddle!!!

  2. profound yet silly at the same time!!! YAY for that.

  3. What perfectly selected scootin’ bebeh trunkster music!

    Man is this little guy adorbs!!!

  4. This is the nest of a hummingbird named Phoebe. its a live cam and right now she has eggs that’ll hatch any time now:

  5. I just fell in love with baby Navann!

  6. PS- lol he’s sooo cute, and I love the warning at the beginning of the video :)

  7. Unbelievably cute! I love how he just charges ahead without any regard for what’s in his path.

  8. I know, 0:21 ftw!! Haha. The music is just perfect.

  9. Okay, am I the only person in the world who didn’t know that an elephant’s teats (let’s see if THAT one gets past the mods!) are between the front legs. I just assumed that they were toward the rear like a horse/cow, etc. Show of hands: Who else did not know that? Anyone? No? Just me, huh?

  10. When I saw baby trunksters (I JUST saw an elephant program on PBS; Echo… *sniff*) try to get milk there I thought they were mistaken! Wow, that’s so cool.

  11. no I didn’t know that either! must be for easy access while walking long distances?

  12. Catwhisperer says:

    *raises hand*

  13. rescue gal says:

    2:56 is my fav- the crossing of the trunks! And the bebbeh wins for happiest little dude EVAH!

  14. beat me to it.

    holy schmoley.

    junior trunkster is in good footpads

  15. Me too; Navann is the most adorable little trunkster in the whole world, but this clip is also great for the tender moments between the adults. They are all so precious!

  16. was gonna say the same <3

  17. there IS a world where elephants and dogs and hoomins play!

  18. Yes! Elephant Nature Park in Chaing Mai, Thailand :) Its a wonderful place!

  19. navann is the cutest baby ever! I have had the great honour of being his human bowling pin when he clambered over me in excitement, knocking me down with his weighty cuteness!

  20. Love that little guy. I got to meet him the day after he was born. He’s grown so much and gained so much confidence!

  21. I love this little elephant!

  22. Navann is soooo adorable! (in person and on video!!)

  23. what a wonderful video……at to think we worry about our children getting their hands dirty……..!!! :)

  24. I adore Navaan. I had the great pleasure of playing with him during my stay at ENP. The most fun I’ve had in a long time! Such a cheeky young man!

  25. you should check out baby Bona

  26. Hi Navann! You’re becoming a star!

  27. He is the cutest and luckiest little boy!!

  28. Any time I’m in a bad mood, I watch a video of this beautiful creature. He looks so happy and I get happy in return!

  29. So wonderful to see our “little” guy on CO!!! He’s celebrating his 4-month birthday TODAY! :)

  30. He’s so darling and just what the world needs more of…joy and happiness!

  31. I love the seemingly independent lives of both the trunk and the tailio—whappity whappity whee!

  32. Might I borrow that phrase? It’s rather elegant and has nice riddim also:

    “Whappity whappity wheeee!!!”

  33. Alice Shortcake says:

    It can also be sung to the same tune as “Bippity Boppoty Boo”.

  34. “hmmmmmmmmmmm….”

  35. Melinda Mueller says:

    Navann brings so much joy not only to his lucky mama and his many nannies, but to all of us who get to watch him explore the wonders of his world, if only from afar….

  36. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Navann is one very lucky little trunkster because he was born at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand which is run by Lek Chaillert. He will never have to suffer at the hands of the incredibly cruel “training” that so many of his kind go through. He will live with his mother (a landmine victim; front left foot, you can see how she favors it in the video) and aunties surrounded by eles and humans who love him. All the elephants at this sanctuary are very lucky. Lek is doing wonderful things for Thailand’s elephants. Go, Navann.

  37. Yeah, the mudbath is cute but try to get Navaan in the bathtube Saturday night.

  38. Catwhisperer says:

    Is a bathtube like a giant test tube? ;)

  39. Yes. so it’s REALLY hard to get an elaphant inside of it.

  40. For some reason that makes me think of the ‘hat with an eye’ in The Little Prince…

  41. I’ve been following that website too since CO posted about little Navann before. What a zippy and playful little guy!! And they are such a gentle family. Navann just seems like such a happy carefree cutie.

  42. lavishmango says:

    Navann wins the oscar for best wallower in a giant mudpuddle!

  43. *YAY* for Navann and for lavishmango!!!!

  44. Just mentionin’ it, tomorrow’s my birthday…

  45. (Tomorrow being Feb 28)

  46. Happy Birthday to Iva!

    Happy Birthday to Iva!!

    Happy Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirthday to Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiivaaaaaaa

    Happy Birthday to Yooooooooooooooooooooou!!!!!!


  47. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IVA!!! *throws confetti and glitter..I promise I’ll clean up the mess!*

  48. YAY :D thank you for the happy birthdays lol :)

  49. Happy birfday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Happiest of birthdays, Iva! It was mine on Monday, my son’s Tuesday (rested Wednesday) and now I can celebrate YOU! *getting the decorations back out and mixin’ up the cake batter* Let the good times roll !!!

  51. Catwhisperer says:

    Happy B-day Iva, Emmm, and Son of Emmm!

  52. YAY Emm & Emm’s son. Happy bday to people in all direkshons!!!

  53. Happy Birfday to Iva!!! And many more. :)

  54. The Original Jane says:

    AND there’s a three legged dog at 3:23!

  55. Save Elephant Foundation says:

    That’s Stumpy! :)

  56. Thank you for pointing that out. Yet another reason to love this video!

  57. That adorbs dog basically had a look on his face that went “Oh no! NOT AGAIN!! I am *not* playing with you again! Oh no nonononono!”

  58. Absolute full of cuteness, that is Navaan :) Adorable lil fella!! Never get tired of watching him :D

  59. “splashity splash splash splash with ma’ trunk”.

  60. 2:16 is my favorite!!

  61. <3 thank you Elizabeth for this moment of happyness

  62. Glad you guys liked this video as much as I did! Thank you, S.E.F., Navann, lady elephants, and Stumpy for making our collective day.

  63. Dear little Navann, I have known you since you were 2 weeks old. Your growing,and daily fun, helps me through hard times.Dear little boy – you even know how to use your little trunk now!!Bless xxxxxx

  64. I want to snuggle with him now

  65. This is an outrageous, unreasonably adorable video.


  66. why are you harrumphing at outrageous and unreasonably adorable? seems to me that’s a Good Thing!

  67. ’tis a Good Thing.

    See how Ironic I can be??? ;)

    IE, JK

  68. “To the mud bath!!!” My words exactly!

  69. …surely this is proof of a life after this one where I get to watch baby elephants all day!

  70. Help! I am drowning in the cute! Bebeh heffalump in a mud bath, I am happy for the rest of the week.

  71. Thanks for sharing this with us, Elizabeth O.! I love that little dude…actually, I love the big elephants, too!

  72. Holy crap!! There is no BEST part – the whole thing is the best part!!! There are about a gazillion things to love about this video, not the least of which is how freaking happy it makes me!!

  73. Exactly! I was thinking what the fave frame would be and it is ALL of them. Trunksters make me so happy! <3 Navaan. <3 Elizabeth for submeeting this vid. <3 <3 <3 <3

  74. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I’ve spent the whole night in the Mod Lounge. Someone get me outta here!

  75. I am also in the mod lounge for birthday wish post for Iva.

    Care to share a pizza with extra cheese?

  76. how DARE you wish Iva Happy Birfday???? THA NOIVE!!!!!

  77. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Got any of that vegan pizza?? Or maybe just a gin-and-tonic at at this point!

  78. I was in the mod lounge an awfully long time for my splash comment. Who knew?

  79. These creatures are amazing. How anyone can still support the circus is beyond me.

  80. I love how he runs everywhere. Typical kid, all that energy to burn!

  81. Y’know, even with my well-known weakness for the tinee tabbees, I think bebeh elephants may just be the cutest bebeh animals of all. This video fills me with sheer joy.

  82. Warm fuzzy feelings over here <3

  83. 2:58 my brain exploded with happiness

  84. the entire video was made of “best” parts, not just at 1:50. :)

  85. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    (Music in the background…) Doin’ hard time in the Mod Lounge. Wonder what I did to deserve it. Hope I get out early for good behavior. Can anybody hear me??? Shoo wop, shoo wobby wobby, shoo wop



  87. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Bending at the waist to receive and acknowledge your ovayshe.

    My original comment is still incarcerated. It’s no longer in the Mod Lounge. I think it’s been sent to Pelican Bay.

  88. Margaret Kleinfeld says:

    It’s amazing how the two adult females cooperate! Elephants are great.

  89. Since this video was shot (4 days ago!) Navann’s family herd has grown to include 2 more aunties: Malai Thong (another landmine victim) and Jarunee (completely blind). It’s wonderful to see the elephants “apply” for nanny positions :)

  90. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Whatever I said was so offensive that I’m still in the Mod Lounge. Really??

  91. Cambridge RM…wow that usually doesn’t last so long. But sometimes there aren’t peeps around the halls of CO for extended chunks ‘O’ time ….to release the victims of moderayshun ….?


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