If You Like Pugs, Pom Poms and Sledding

(and frankly, who doesn’t?) you’re going to love this video!

Fave Frame:
As seen on YouTube from The Fabulous Pug Models.



  1. 1: when I read the intro before scrolling down, I thought you meant DOG POMS I didn’t realize that you meant DECORATIVE YARN THINGGIES

    2: how’ bout them SWEATEUWS [and of course, merry striped caps8-O] ????
    Followup Qu: did sombody personally make those for all of them or were they purchased. And if that person made them, they DELIBERATELY made them all color-coordinated????? *plotzes*

    3: Tag of Knitted, possibly??

  2. also those are THE most world-weary Emo Pugz I’ve evahr seen…..

    *sigh of resignation for the ignomy of it all *

  3. And now the Pina Colada song is stuck in my head….

  4. Arrrgh! Mah diabeetus!

  5. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen! Being a pug Mommy and a knitter… it gives me ideas!

  6. Little black puggie with their tongue sticking out is the bestest!!!
    Although, their lack of enthusiasm has me cracking up. Like….”wheeee…that’s it? Hmmm I’ve done better sledding in Mt. Everest!”

  7. I wish I could just hug and squeeze each one of them but they do see pretty blasé about the whole thing. Maybe this is just “another day on the slopes with our crazy mom.” 🙂

  8. Blase pups will not approve of your sledding!

  9. I dunno, looks like they enjoyed the snack at the end more than the ride itself.

  10. *getting a bit skeered*

  11. I have always had Pugs and they have always just put up with my nonsense too. They just *sigh*.

  12. SlaveToCat says:

    Grabs the knitting needles and hides them.
    The cat returns the knitting needles and provides a basket full of colorful yarn.

  13. Don’t be skeerd. My fat one is too hot to wear sweaters even in winter! I was just having ideas…

  14. *enjoying the visual pic of this/ esp with multiple partypooper-lookin’ Pugses*

  15. that’s exactly whut Ah got frum tha video too. Eyes rolling, t’whole thing….


  16. *peeks out, from behind the sofa*

  17. I’m glad they got a treat out of it because they didn’t seem to enjoy the sledding.

  18. If you look up the word “redonkulous”, I’m sure this is what you’ll find.

  19. Squee! Pugs! In! Hats! They are absolutely color coordinated. Check out their website for more ridiculously adorable outfits!

    My pugs would be jumping out the sled. My senior girl hates her stroller and screams to be let out. She’d probably shriek on a sled too.

  20. That’s terrible!

  21. That sled looks like something from Home Depot. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  22. Worst. Bobsled. Team. EVA!!!

    And seriously, STILL no Knitted tag?

  23. these pugses crack me up!

  24. Completely redonk and I luvs it! 🙂

  25. Maybe we should be skeerd. Seeing as I showed this to someone and said ‘when I have my herd of 100 pugs, they’re all going to have matching outfits!’

  26. They do just ‘sigh’… I have (had – 1 went to the rainbow bridge in December) 2 pugs and a husky… we’d do family Christmas photos and the husky would be all nuts and annoyed and the pugs were very ‘whatever’…

  27. I needed a smile and this did it! Awesomely adorable and full of beloved pugs!

  28. I was wondering how you got them to sit in the sled cause my pug would bail after a few seconds. Then I saw you had treats-pugs will do ANYTHING for food 🙂
    Totes adorbs xoxo

  29. *now I’m thinking RIP for the one who passed and sending luvs to Erica, then visualizing HER living room w/ nuts husky and world-weary pugs*

  30. 😯

  31. Thanks, he was 17, so he had a loooong life. Which didn’t make it any easier….My other one’s in a wheel chair, and he’s 13 1/2, but the husky’s still nuts! Pugs are the funniest dogs ever, in my opinion!

  32. Miss Erica – please do not humiliate them too much with matchie-matchie homie-mommie-made-kitcshie outfits. these pink and gray coordinates ones don’t cross the line too much. Signed, concerned crusader for pug dignity

  33. Erm … shouldn’t the dogs be pulling the hoomins in the sled? Clearly not close enough to the Arctic Circle.

  34. Pugs don’t get humiliated… and as I previously mentioned, neither of mine wanted to wear anything, even the one who was always freezing.

  35. Those are four faces wondering how on earth they ended up in this situation.