Isn’t This Just DUCKY

Check out these Bebeh Dux. Fuzz to the max. Snorf.




Super shots c/o Gerald S.



  1. There’s NUTTIN like a bebeh boid (written as I sit here with my own boid on my shoulder, stealin’ my snax and plotting against my evil keyboard keys…..)

  2. Mama duck looks like a wanna-be turkey. Fascinatingks.

  3. Muscovies! These are Muscovy ducks. We had muscovies hanging out on our campus when I was at community college many moons ago. They were an odd breed: preferred hanging out on the big tree branches that hung low, right over the water, rather than on the shore when they weren’t swimming, kept aloof from the other ducks & didn’t quack– the drakes wheezed & the hens sort of squeeked from time to time. Really loyal to those they knew were duck feeders, though– they’d come right up to you. Big breed, too.

  4. sheeptotherescute says:

    In the bottom picture, is that an egg toof I spot?

  5. YES, Muscovies! Where my dad lives in Florida, they are everywhere, including gas stations. Have tons of ducklings. We were eating at an outdoor cafe one day, and the Muscovy duckling were swarming around us. Cute!

  6. The proshness is overwhelming.

  7. emmberrann says:

    Ducky. Hm. Y’all Could say that…

  8. ooooo Birdcage (would that be our first clue/ your screenname?)

    awwww how cute is yer description????

  9. I feel that they ARE ducky Brinke!!!

    and Gerald — you haz skillz man!!!

  10. lisaLASSIE says:

    Swarmed by bebbeh ducklings. Sigh.

  11. I love that they go from gold-brown to black & white!

  12. Aw, I love duckies. all kinds. My sister used to live on an acreage in the country and had ducks. They wre so sweet, they would just waddle around after her as she did yard work, quacking contentedly, (I’m sure the fact that she stirred up bugs for them had nothing to do with their devotion to her!)

  13. Is it just me, or does the one duckling look like an entirely different species from all the others?

  14. What kind of boid?? 🙂

  15. Getting swarmed by ducklings would’ve kilt me ded.

  16. No. Actually, thats just the little hook ducks have on the end of their beaks. Egg teeth are located on the tip of the bill, but on top.

  17. These sort of pictures just splort me.

  18. I agree with everything you say here including the part in parenthesis, amyliz.

  19. Quackless ducklets at gas stations?!!! What a woild!

  20. You mean they didn’t even ask for one bill?

    Eh, sorry…