The Tiniest Palm Reader

The answer is cloudy.

Ask again later; after I’ve slept on it.

Via Flickr user Sophia P-G



  1. Simply adorable

  2. OMG!!1111Feetsies1!!!!!!!

    Om Nom Nom


  4. Sqee-eee!

  5. 😯 ! *BOOM*

  6. Is that a baby flying skwerl? It looks like there are flaps of skin under those front legs.

  7. YAY! It’s gotta be a flapping squirrelly. You really want a laugh? Go youtube flying squirrel song. I’d post it hare but I’m not allowed on youtube at work.

    *noms on some squirrelly toe beans*

  8. I should say, “…under THAT front leg,” since I can only see one front leg. Cute little thing, whatever it is.

  9. We definitely need more palm-sized pets. Too cute!

  10. lisaLASSIE says:

    OMG the total babyness, the big feets, the “wings”, the pink belly, the beepable nose, the weesers, the………THUD.

  11. It looks like he has little people feets! He needs flip flops.

  12. +1 !!

  13. EARS, people! No one mentioned the nommable EARS!

  14. I know, I look at this and all i can think is, hey, he’s got five toesies!!! Never claimed to be a mensa candidate or detective.

  15. *nods in agreement*

  16. naw naw y’all are just wrong I say

    IT”S ALL ABOUT THE TAILIO (AND it’s even curled UP Fer Pete’s Sake!!!)