OK, We Can Go Home Now

We swang on the swing, we slid on the slide, we played with other kids ALL DAY LONG! My work here is done.

This is Zoe after a day at the park with Stephanie H.



  1. Beep!

  2. Nap. What a great idea. Going home now to cuddle up before the winter storm hits.

  3. I think I could eat her up in one bite 🙂

  4. Teeny tiny tie tie puppie.

  5. The poor thing is exhausted after all that swanging. 🙂

  6. Prancing Princess too pooped to Party.

  7. Hey, it never occurred to me before, but why don’t we just adopt the spelling “puppie” to avoid mod?

  8. The proper spelling is “puppeh.”

  9. Ha ha ha ha ha …wait… worried expression …checks swang in dictionary… OK! whew.

  10. It’s a dogs life.

  11. 😯