Me Bad?

Poor little pups! Etiquette is hard.

Pure comedy gold over at dog shaming.



  1. Pantsing is a little know dog joke people. IT is funny! LOL!

  2. I have one of these on my fridge with a sweet little girl dog and a sign saying I EAT MY OWN POOP.

  3. LOLZ!!

  4. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I love the breaking-into-his-neighbor’s-house dog. Wish I could see the look on the neighbor’s face.

  5. I personally think it shows good manners of the little dog to give the neighbor a good morning kiss before he started playing with his dog.

  6. I thought the same thing. And the hover text is not only brilliant, it is absolutely accurate.

  7. I met my neighbor and began a lifelong friendship because my little dog would escape, go over to her house, walk in the door and sit in her kitchen while she prepared dinner. He loved the smell and the fact that she talked to him while she cooked. I think she also let him be the official taster. It was like he had a favorite aunt who lived next door.

  8. Gracie's Mom says:

    These made my day! Thanks!

  9. MinglesMommy says:

    I absolutely love Dogshaming… it’s one of the two places I go when I need a smile (the other being, of course, Cute Overload)!

  10. This is a wonderful story. How sweet.

  11. My parents have a cat who visits every day. They feed him ham and then he goes upstairs and sleeps, for HOURS. I don’t even thin think the neighbor whose cat it is realizes! Haha. My folks think it’s awesome because they basically have a cat but none of the responsibility.

  12. Good point, Gigi. I concur.e

  13. Great stories, Dash and gryt!

  14. I used to have a “nosy neighbor” cat who would greet me at the door to my apartment building, or come into my storage space to check things out when I was in there. Whenever she greeted me at the door, she wanted me to pet her for a minute or two. I didn’t want to reach down to ground level to pet her, so I “trained” her to jump up onto the edge of the garden planter which was a much more convenient height for me.

    Her family moved away a couple years ago, but I still occasionally look for her when I come home from work. I miss my “nosy neighbor”.

  15. Doesn’t everybody do these things? So that’s why people have been staring at me.

  16. 😯

    PS: psssssssssssst hey CO peeps. Guess which CO regular has a Birfday, comin’ up tomorrow?

    Hints: NOT me, NOT QoD and NOT la therese or the Other Teresa ….



  18. d’awwww how schweet izzat????

  19. Crazy Pants says:

    Does she have a sign on her fridge with a sweet little girl dog and a sign saying I EAT MY OWN POOP?

  20. agreed.

    CP I don’t want you to leave CO b/c you are tres, ‘ow you say, clevaire …. however it does come to mind that you would be most excellent as an Offishul Spin Doctor …..

  21. *shifty eyes*

    mebbe so, mebbe so ….
    “nudge, nudge/ wink wink”

  22. Crazy Pants says:

    Aw shucks!

  23. Crazy Pants says:

    I don’t know who you mean. 😉

  24. Notice that you just can’t do this with cats because they have no shame. And worse, they shame you instead.

  25. Ooooh, do we have to make a peanut butter and deviled ham cake for her?!?

  26. These are just adorable.

  27. humminbirdie says:

    Me, too, MM!!! Eet’s one of my All-Time-Favourite-Tings-On-De-Interwebs©… Regular infusions of silly help keep me alive!

  28. A Birfday– or a Burpday??? NB: All my Birfdays are Burpdays. *burp*

  29. I thought “You’re shaming him? He should get an award!” For Miss-cheeev-yuss-ness, above and beyond the call of … miss-cheeeveyussness. 😛

  30. That’s adorable.

  31. WE had a poodle who’d do that. He’d run away to the one neighbor he knew would spoil him and then call us to pick him up when he was tired.

  32. Do what things? Skid your butt across elevator floors? 😯

  33. What they didn’t tell you is that the neighbor left his door open with T-bone bits leading up the stairs…

  34. That’s also adorable. 😀

  35. My son and I receive an escort for about a block during our evening walks from day care to home. A sweet black kitty deigns to wander down from his cushion on the front stoop of a house we walk by. In return we give him scritches and pets. When we start walking again, Mr. Handsome Black Cat escorts us to the corner before returning to his throne.

  36. *snerk* so twue.

  37. d’awwww wow that’s sooooooo sch-wEET!!!

  38. 🙂 smart canine, that!!

  39. Nikki: since this is CO, we doan’ GOTTA dew NUTTIN, neber, nohow….with
    the possible exception of collapsing into sticky globs of rainbow glitter in reaction to the Cuteness inflicted ‘pon us by Tha Great and Powerful Meg.

    and a la Therese: I would not feel safe addressing that. I sense
    that my selecting either answer might be a fox paws.

  40. Well we should at least have some celebratory snacks in the Mod Lounge for the b’day girl…And pudding.

  41. So, soooo stinkin’ adorbs! Loff the doggie who wakes his neighbor with a wet kiss before commencing his play date. 🙂

  42. These are soo silly 😀