Hungry? Grab A Sneekers!

Hilarity ensues.

Submeeted by the Mad Cat Lady.


  1. WoolyBully says:

    Chocolate (theobromine, rather) is toxic for foxes just as it is for dogs. I’m sure that snickers actually contain very little *real* chocolate, but still. Let’s hope this little fur-ball suffered no ill effects.

  2. It’s toxic for everything, humans included. It’s just that for a human of average body mass, it’d take thirteen pounds of chocolate. The smaller the creature, the more likely they can (and will) eat a sufficient quantity to have an adverse effect.

  3. Only thirteen pounds? Is that in one sitting, a 24-hour period, over a lifetime? Because if it’s over a lifetime I’m in trouble!

  4. If it’s over a lifetime, I’ve been dead since 1976.

  5. Bettymouse says:

    And it’s Juno for the win!

  6. agreed. YAY JUNO [even if ye’re ded]

  7. Hmm, I heard dogs can actually die from eating chocolate. I hope the poor fox was ok, and hopefully not taking it to any young’uns!

  8. That’s because if a dog gets into a large quantity of chocolate, s/he might just eat ALL of it, instead of just a square or two. It still takes a lot of the stuff to reach toxic levels in dogs, but then, they often wolf food down until there isn’t any more. So you have to portion it out.

  9. You mean I shouldn’t eat ALL of the chocolate at one sitting, just a square or two?! YIKES!!!! My breakfast of champions (Snickers bar and a can of Coke) in my younger years kept me going all day. I’ll take the Snickers to keep Mr. Fox safe.

  10. Tsk. :headshake:
    (drat, I bet that’s not even a smiley in this platform :( )

  11. Hi General Theo!!! *WAVES WILDLY*

  12. Exactly. It´s not toxic in such small quantities. I know that cats can die from rather small quantities of cocoa (which apparently is the toxic part), but there is not enough of that stuff in a Sneekers bar to kill a fox, I´m sure!

  13. Our livers are able to process theobromine efficiently enough that it doesn’t pose a realistic threat, even considering the difference in size. It is the lack of processing by the liver that makes chocolate so deadly to pets, causing not only huge digestive upset, but also very serious neurological symptoms, like seizures, convulsions, or heart attacks. Sorry to get all Bill Nye on you, but in saying that it’s toxic for everyone I fear you’re unintentionally downplaying the seriousness of chocolate toxicity in pets because adult humans can eat so much and not suffer any ill effects.

    It’s also worth noting that milk chocolate, like that found in Sneekers, contains considerably less actual chocolate than semisweet or dark chocolate.

  14. I hereby declare Ermine to be The Best Explainer EVAHR.

    *pins a Gold Star to Ermine’s jacket [if Ermine is wearing a jacket??]

  15. I love that you guys were thinking the same thing.

    Very kind to even want to feed the sweet little guy, but gosh. I hope it doesn’t give him cramps let alone make him sick. But very kind of that man! :)

  16. Victoria, Mom to 2 Rats says:

    There’s not enough actual chocolate in a Snickers bar to cause any significant damage. That candy bar has only a very thin coating of milk chocolate (which has significantly less theobromine in it than dark chocolate) and is unlikely to give the fox more than mild tummy ache. Now, I’m not saying that people should give animals Snickers bars, ever, but in all probability the fox is fine. I’d say the sticky caramel and nougat is more of an issue as it could be a choking hazard, since many canines don’t chew their food very well before swallowing.

  17. Thank you. Was worried.

  18. poor Mr McFoxersons must have been so hungry. Isn’t choccy poisonous to dog-things anyway?

  19. Sneakers? P.U, no thank you, sir.

  20. Countess Elena says:

    Beautiful fairy-tale Russian forest at dusk, wild curious fox . . . and a guy who gives him a Snickers. Oh, h. sapiens.

  21. I know they say chocolate is poisonous for dogs but before I knew that we had a pom when I was a kid and we gave her chocolate. Smarties and others kinds and I guess we were lucky because she never got sick and lived to 16 year old.

  22. Many garbage explosions with cleanly licked chocolate wrappers have led to the discovery that lots of chocolate must be ingested to be toxic to doggehs. Fortunately, I safely devour all toxic levels before discarding my chocolate.

  23. heh heh @ sharpy’s chocolate wrappers …..

  24. I do the same thing, Sharpy. It’s a good thing we’re so civic-minded.

  25. Well, I don’t like to toot my own horn, unless there’s chocolate around the mouthpiece.

  26. Such devotion…. to the doggies, I mean ;)

  27. What an idiot. Too bad he isn’t smart enough to know that feeding a fox a Snickers bar is NOT safe for the fox’s health.

  28. Blue Footed Booby says:

    You rushed to post without reading a single comment and HE’S the idiot?

  29. Hear, hear!

  30. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Follow-up, since that wasn’t very nice: there’s a saying that the dose makes the poison. It’s true. Take manganese, for example. It’s vital for life, but too much leads to motor and cognitive disorders. It’s rarely useful to ask “is it toxic.”

    A much more useful question is “how much does it take to harm you.” A useful metric is LD50, which is how much of a substance it takes to give a random person (or whatever) 50:50 odds of dying. For dogs, the LD50 of theobromine is 300mg per kg of body mass. For humans, it’s around 1000. Botulinum toxin, for comparison, has an LD50 for humans of around 11 ng when inhaled or 1 point something when injected into the bloodstream. That’s nanograms, as in 1/1,000,000,000 of a gram. And people have that stuff injected into their face.

  31. Cue *the more you know* music !!!!

    YAY BFB….I am now of the belief that there is some scientific or medical word in the name of your career or job.

  32. sneekers?

    i have whole bag of sneekers on counter.

    now are the foxes?

  33. I’m pretty sure he’s smart enough- it’s probably all he had on him. Idiot indeed… because he wasn’t smart enough to NOT FEED HIM THAT CANDY BAR.

  34. Also, Cute Overload, where’s the “hilarity” part?

  35. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I snortlaughed when he ran off with the whole bar sticking out of his mouth. I dunno what I was expecting, but it wasn’t *nom* ZOOOOOOM.

  36. Coffee Cup says:

    I laughed when he dropped it and it sunk into the snow. He just looks down like “well, what now?”

  37. one time my dog ate my entire easter basket full of chocolates. she weighed 8 lbs. recovered after an afternoon of not feeling well at alllll. i think the fox will survive one sneekers.

  38. Yeah, the 4-pound toy poodle I had growing up went through something similar. We were called out of the house on an emergency, and in the 45 minutes we were gone, the poor dog scarfed down 2 pounds of homemade fudge!! She was one sick little dog for the next several hours.

    Without going into unpleasant detail, I will just say that she un-ate every last ounce–and the dinner she’d had earlier, just to be safe. There was a lot (A LOT) of cleanup involved, but she was fine and lived many more years.

  39. “un-ate!”

  40. TWO POUNDS OF IT?????? “YOWCH!!!!”

    (I’ll take a wager nobody made *more* fudge for awhile…)

  41. WoolyBully says:

    It depends on the dog- some are far more sensitive than others. My mother in law lost a 60-something lb Labrador from a miniature chocolate bar from the Halloween stash. The fox is teeny, and that’s a large chocolate bar. Regardless, it’s stupid for this person to give the little thing chocolate.

  42. To be fair, the Sneekers bar is only covered with chocolate, so there isn’t a whole lot of it.

  43. did u not read the comments above yours?

  44. SlaveToCat says:

    Mr. Foxey was holding out for a bite, lick, and noms on a little Kit Cat.

  45. It’s not exactly “hilarious” although sort of cute … I don’t think the fox is starving or anything, looks healthy enough, probably used to humans. But bad humans to feed wild animals chocolate and corn syrup caramel! *wags accusing finger*

  46. I made a comment right after sugitomo and it disappeared. Wasn’t sent to the mod lounge it’s just not there anymore.
    Is this CO or the Twilight Zone?

  47. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    It’s unfortunate this guy gave the fox chocolate but it’s a super cute fox, who doesn’t love a Snickers bar, and there’s not even enough chocolate to kill it. Furthermore, I just can’t get in a tizzy about this because its a random YouTube video with a random fox and random people none of us know. It’s just strange to get THAT upset about this.

  48. On the plus side, I can’t tell if this is an add for Snickers or Firefox?

  49. hehe

  50. That is a gorgeous fox. (Is that a tautology? Gorgeous fox is foxy?) It looks so healthy.

    I also enjoyed the sound of the creaking snow. Cold!

  51. Very very prosh fox. But, toxicity aside, there’s nothing in that candy bar that is nutritious to a fox. And it’s learning not to be afraid of humans.

  52. Well, it’s one thing to be concerned about making wild animals “not afraid of humans” in a national park where lots of tourists come, but it doesn’t seem like there’s much danger if you live in the woods and befriend one of the local creatures.

  53. I believe it’s about an ounce per pound to be a serious problem. There’s maybe a a single ounce or maybe 2 of actual chocolate; I’m sure it was fine. Super cute fox. :)

  54. Mom always said not to take candy from strangers…

  55. *APPLAUSE*

    and also WOT?
    Ya mean Mom was right AFTER ALL????? 8-O

  56. *bows* Thank you…thank you very much :-)

    Yes, but *sshhhhhhhhh* don’t tell her!

  57. Given the recent Russian videos I’ve seen lately, I was expecting an out-of-control car to come out of nowhere and mow the little guy (girl) down…

    Beautiful fox. I assume it has been fed by humans before or it wouldn’t come so easily? Or could it be *that* hungry?

    Also, I love how the guy says “Sneekers.” Boris Badenov wasn’t too far off.

  58. Youtube videos about animals can be haphazard that way. I watch tons of animals vids of cute bunnies or seals- then youtube graciously recommends… “OH here a vid you might like of people doing bad things to baby seals!”. Lovely.

  59. Fox is safe because Boris and Natasha were after Moose and Squirrel. :D

    I think Mr. Fox was waiting for Cadbury cream eggs which are out NOW people!!! Mmmmm

  60. YAY Moose and Skwiryl (and, secretly, YAY Boris and Natasha, too)
    and YAY Fox

  61. Tim McDaniel says:

    Has anyone considered that this is a man holding food in his fingers and extending it towards the muzzle of a wild canid? Yeah, he would get what he deserved and blood and fingers are not toxic to foxes, but it still struck me as rash.

  62. I wonder if the fox and the dude know each other? The fox was happy enough to come up and take food from his hand… Perhaps his backyard fox?

    Ah, an inter-species friendship blooms!

  63. I kept wondering how they got to this point…how did the guy know that a Snickers bar would be irresistible to a fox?

    But yes, I’m with those who say toxic or no, it’s not a terrific idea to make wild foxes accustomed to the idea of cozying up to human people. Some of us aren’t so kind…present company excluded, natch.

  64. Feeding junk food to wild animals is wrong, chocolate or not… if it doesn’t make them sick, it will at least encourage them to approach humans, and possibly start raiding peoples’ trash. I’m a little surprised to see something so obviously bad for an animal on CO. Though the foxie is admittedly very cute.

  65. Coffee Cup says:

    This being Russia (I’m assuming it’s Russia or another Eastern European country), it’s possible the foxes are already used to people because it’s near a city or it’s used to people because it’s in a rural forest area and the people are literally the only other creatures it sees other than fellow foxes and birds.

  66. Martha in Washington says:

    Gorgeous fox, gorgeous snow, gorgeous Snickers Bar…what’s not to like?!
    *wishing I had a Snickers Bar to eat while watching pretty foxes*

  67. Woot! I got a submeeshe published! :D

  68. Yay MCL! <3


  70. If it makes anyone feel better, the average-sized fox would need to eat around half a pound of solid milk chocolate to be in serious trouble.That’s around 15 Sneekers bars, if they were solid chocolate.
    I had a 14lb Cavalier with a heart condition, he ate 110g of milk chocolate and I rushed him to the vets. He suffered no more than a sugar high and a very sore tummy.
    I wouldn’t commend giving chocolate to a canine but the fox is completely fine :)

  71. There seem to be so many people who just can’t wait to find fault with EVERYTHING, without knowing the facts. This is Cute Overload – relax and enjoy the moment.

  72. this can be very true and at times,
    it has been discouraging to me as well.

  73. I love foxes, and this one is beautiful. However – my rule when observing wild creatures is to watch and leave them alone. Better not to acclimate them to humans! Not all humans will wish them well.

  74. He’s not poking it with a stick, he’s not giving it anti-freeze, he’s not setting it on fire. This man was trying to do something kind, so let’s kick him for it because he didn’t have fox chow readily on hand!

    It’s Russia, deep in snow and the extra calories (read- fattening up) sure won’t hurt. We’ve already went over the fact that there isn’t enough chocolate to harm Mr. Fox aaaand this guy is probably the only human for miles, so no need to worry about it getting used to humans.

    I love how no good deed goes unpunished in many people’s minds and in their scathing, judgmental comments (“idiot”, “stupid” and how he’s giving it “poisonous” confections) We allll know exactly everything that is going on from our arm chair across the world by watching a one minute and 25 second clip.

    Wonder how many here also silently judge the old lady in their neighborhood for not feeding the stray cats behind the grocery store tuna and not the “right” cat food, or the little boy who brings baby squirrels home that have fallen out of their nest rather than leave it to lie for the next cat to come along and eat it?


  75. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    Fox chow! That reminds me of the scene in “Secondhand Lions” where they order the Purina Lion Chow from the feed store.

    I, too, was a bit perturbed by the chocolate at first, but I have to admit I also thought, “waste of a perfectly good Sneekers!”

  76. *snerk*
    “Purina Lion Chow” tee hee

  77. Coffee Cup says:


    How about every time someone gets nuffy about something on YouTube (something, btw, that is totally out of their control), they donate $2 to a local animal shelter? And if I get nuffy about someone getting all bleeding heart nuffy about it I can donate $2.

  78. Nicely said.

  79. I wonder if it’s one of those designer foxes that people keep as pets. National Geographic did a story on them, and I think they were bred in Russia. Biologists bred for reduced muskiness and other desirable traits, and they’re just beautiful, so people who could afford them started buying them as pets.

  80. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    I’ve always thought foxes looked like what would happen if the end times truly came and dogs and cats started having relations. Gorgeous critters.

  81. I was thinking of that same National Geographic story. Foxes can be domesticated in 3 generations, if memory serves. There’s been an ongoing study in Russia. Personally, I’d rather foxes stay wild, but I’m biased as Fox is my family name.

  82. lisaLASSIE says:

    And one of the unexpected results of the fox domestication project was that they changed colors!!!! They became black with white markings.

  83. If anyone is interested, see the following article–long, but fascinating!
    The Nat Geo article–Just as long though.

  84. A friend once reported to me a tale of a little foxy in Alaska who romped around their campsite. One day my friend saw the foxy trotting through camp with a whole stick of butter it its mouth! I always wished my friend had captured that on film, but this is a pretty good substitute.

  85. a bad day for his/ her cholesterol, if nuthin’ else …

  86. I know, instead of focusing on the beautiful images of the fox and snow, let’s talk about the chocolate issue. Why oh why did he not have a bag of kibble on his hike that day. Now why don’t we discuss whether or not the fox has a peanut allergy or is on a diet. Frankly my dears, I really enjoyed the video.

  87. I was working with one of our shelter dogs in a kennel that held another dog. The one that wasn’t getting any TLC from me promptly sat down on my bag and peed. Then he started scratching around the pockets of my jacket and he pulled out my snack of peanut M & M’s. The video of me chasing this little thief around the room looked like something from a Marx Brothers movie.

  88. oh WOW 8-O

    *am presuming that you did see the Marx Bros bit where approx 150 people attempt to all gather in one cabin onboard a cruise ship???*

  89. I thought foxes hibernated, just sayin’……he/she is beautiful!

  90. In my head, I keep hearing Steve Martin and Dan Ackroyd being all excited about “foxes!”

  91. FTW

  92. Itsch so FLUFFY!!!!!!!!

  93. My favorite part was all the cursing the men did. :) The fox was very cute indeed, but I wish people didn’t feed wild animals junk.

  94. Such a bad example.

  95. i can’t watch this. not funny, not cute. very bad example. i hope foxy didn’t eat it.

  96. I’m pretty sure feeding wildlife like this is the absolute worst thing to do. This little guy could become used to human contact which might lead to really awful repercussions if someone not as kind mistakes his comfort for “aggression”…


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